Easy peasy

With Neno Medic T05 you can safely and easily measure the temperature of your child. Put the sensor at your child’s forehead and press button. As a result, the measurement appears on the display devices.

Dzidziuś z termometrem

Clear display

Large, easy-to-read digits on the display of contactless thermometer allows you easily to read the measured temperature. Additionally, the display shows information such as activated mode or unit of measurement.

Badanie dziecku temperatury z Medic T05

Modern design

Using the Neno Medic T05 non-contact thermometer is extremely simple. Just press one button to switch on the device and measure the temperature. Thermometer handle is made in an ergonomic shape for easy grip and better using the device.

Neno Medic T05

Memory for 34 measurements

The non-contact thermometer Neno Medic T05 stores up to 34 temperature measurements, letting you carefully follow the history of the disease and compare measurements among various days.

Neno Medic T05

3 display colors

The Neno Medic T05 non-contact thermometer will immediately alert you when the measured temperature becomes too high. The display color of the device transforms from
yellow (fever) into red (high fever).

mama, dzidziuś i neno medic t05

Infrared Technology

Neno Medic T05 receives radiation infrared waves without contact and based on it, the body temperature or item is determined.

dziecko, badanie przy pomocy Medic T05

Professional measurement

Neno Medic T05 is a medical device, so it can also be used e.g. in hospitals. The device is registered in the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products.

Badanie temperatury z Medic T05

Measure mode object

Neno Medic T05 is useful in many other situations. It will help you to get you know if the temperature of the bath water is suitable for your baby, or to get to know if a previously prepared hot water bag will not burn your baby’s tummy.

kąpiel dziecka i Medic T05
Weight 0,166 kg
Dimensions 5,5 × 10,5 × 17,5 cm
Measurement spot:


Measurement distance:

≤1 cm

Measurement range:

34~43°C (body), 0~100°C (objecy)

Measurement precision:

±0.2ºC in the 35~42°C range, ±0.3ºC outside of it

Units of Measure:

Degrees Celsius (° C) or degrees Fahrenheit (° F)


to 34 measurements

Temperature alert:

Yes, above 38°C, sound signal


DC 3V AAA batteries x2 (not included)

Automatic power-off:

After 1 minute of inactivity

Working temperature:


Relative humidity:


Storage temperature:


Storage humidity:





105g (w/o batteries)


24 months


Green at ≤35ºC, yellow at ≤37.6~38.0ºC, red at ≤38.1ºC


Professional infrared thermometer Neno Medic T05



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