For the whole family

The Neno Sente compressor nebulizer comes with two face masks: one for adults and one for children that are older than seven, letting you use this one device to help every family member that suffers from respiratory system problems.

Neno sente

Recommended for many respiratory system illnesses

Nebulization is incredibly helpful when treating conditions such as: asthma, respiratory system infection or allergy-induced nasal congestion.

Neno sente

Quick and efficient inhalation

Neno Sente is a small, light device made out of only a few elements. You can easily assemble the entire set and begin treatment in less than a minute.

Neno Sente

Medical product

The Neno Sente compressor nebulizer has all the certifications and testing neccessary to be recognized as a medical device. It can be used by medical professionals.

neno sente

Vaporized medicine

The Neno Sente nebulizer was made with treatment of your respiratory system in mind. One deep breath is all it takes to apply the nebulized dose of medicine or saline.

neno sente

Easy cleaning

All the elements of the Neno Sente nebulizer, that need to be cleaned regularly, can be easily detatched from the other parts and washed with running water. Make sure the whole set is dry before using it.

neno sente


The Neno Sente nebulizer has an easy to use measuring scale that lets you easilyadjust the dosagne of medicine used. Additionally, the long air tube lets you sit comfortably when using the device.

neno sente

Easy to transport

The ergonomic design of the nebulizer lets you easily take it with you, which is especially helpful when using the device to treat children.

Neno Sente


Neno Sente is a compact, practical nebulizer. Small size, low weight and an included bag make the device a perfect choice when you’re going on a trip with your family.



The Neno Sente nebulizer works very quietly, so you can use it in public spaces and in situations, during which you need to keep quiet.

neno sente
Weight 1,466 kg
Dimensions 5,5 × 10,5 × 17,5 cm

AC 220 V 50 Hz

Power consumption:

180V A

Medicine container capacity:

2~8 ml

Particle size:

from 1 to 5 um


3.2 um

Noise level:

=< 70 dBA

Aerosol efficiency:

>= 0.15 ml/ min

Working pressure range:

80 – 120 kPa

Air flow:

>= 5 l/ min

Working temperature:

10-40 °C

working pressure:

860-1060 hPa

Compressor dimensions:

170x150x87.5 mm

Compressor weight:

1150 g

Waga pełnego zestawu:


Airline Length:

1538 m


Neno Sente compressor nebulizer



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