Neno Kitty children's night light

The unique shape

Does your little one shyly suggest that he or she would like a pet, but you know it’s way too early? We have the answer. Meet Neno Kitty – a unique kitten-shaped bedside lamp.

silicone Night light in the shape of a hare Neno Kitty

Safe to use

Our kitty won’t scratch or bite, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your child or your sofa. Made from soft and smooth silicone, it is CE and RoHs certified for safety. The material is also resistant to deformation during use.

Neno Kitty on the table

Wireless operation

Like a real cat, Neno Kitty does not like restrictions and goes its own way. Its favourite spot is around the kids’ bed! The lamp has a built-in rechargeable battery, making it completely wireless, and it can last up to 100 hours on a single charge. Due to its portable design, you can place it anywhere or effortlessly move it to another room.

baby sleeping on a crib by Neno Kitty

Adjustable brightness level

The Neno Kitty has a ‘gentle nature’, so it emits a subtle light that is pleasant for a toddler’s eyes. The lamp is designed so that the user can control its intensity. Simply hold the tail for a few minutes and choose your preferred brightness level!

Neno Kitty lamp with brightness control

Light colour intensity selection

The cold glow of moonlight or the dim, orange light of sunset? You choose! By touching the tail, you set not only the strength but also the intensity of the lighting colour. In this way, caring kitty makes sure that the sleeping conditions suit your child’s mood and level of sleepiness every night.

different colors of Neno Kitty light on approach

Tail control

All cats love to be petted. Neno Kitty is no different, and it has its own tender spot. It is the already mentioned tail with a sensor to control the light.

colorful Neno Kitty lights

RGB mode

Did you know that Neno Kitty, like a character from a magical land, can spread a unique, colourful glow in any room? In RGB mode, you choose the colour of the light (yellow, orange, blue, red, green or purple). A small, lightweight remote control gives you access to all the functions.

RGB mode of Neno Kitty lights


You’ll be happy to know that our glowing pet doesn’t mind playing at night! The light has a timer so you can control the amount of activity. Use the remote control to set the standby time to 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

Neno Kitty lights timer switch

A friend for children and parents

Neno Kitty is a lamp that will steal the heart of the whole family. It will not only make the little ones happy. It will also help the parents to look after their children at night.

child playing with Neno Kitty

Makes sounds

Neno Kitty may not be a standard member of the cat family, but like his cousins, he does make sounds – and not just any sounds! Every time you change the colour of the light, you’ll hear an adorable ‘meow’!

Neno Kitty making sounds, glowing green
Weight 274,3 kg
Dimensions 15,2 × 9 × 8,9 cm

Silicone, ABS, PC

Battery capacity:

1200 mAh

Operating time on a charged battery:

up to a maximum of 100 h
(at minimum light intensity)

Input power:

5 V 0.5A



Built-in rechargeable battery:


Brightness level adjustment:


Remote control:


Light colour temperature:

warm light 3000K,
white light 6500K
+ RGB colour light


155×102×81 mm


175 g

Box dimensions:

152×90×89 mm

Weight of box:

274.3 g

EAN code:


CN code:





Silicone night light for children – Neno Kitty



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