Electric breast pump
What is a breast pump and why would you need one?
Manual breast pumps are very useful devices, that every young mother will surely appreciate.
An electric breast pump has a built-in motor that allows for quick and painless expression of surplus breast milk, that can be stored and fed to your baby later. You can find many opinions on breast pumps on the internet, but our models were designed based on many years of experience we have when it comes to work with mothers.
A portable breast pump with a built-in battery is a necessity for any working mother that spends time away from her baby. It is also a device that is useful for young mothers that stay at home, who can express milk when their baby is sleeping soundly and shouldn’t be waken up. Double breast pumps let you express milk from both breasts at the same time, saving on time. Of course, such devices are much bigger than normal, single-breast pumps.
You can find out more about breast pumps and whether they are safe to use on our blog.
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