Baby monitor – Protect your child from a distance
Baby monitors are devices used to watch over children from a distance. Older models of these devices only let you listen whether your baby is crying or not, but nowadays, many models with video cameras are available.

Thanks to the baby monitor, you can always see what your baby is doing in their room or even talk to them using a built-in microphone. Modern baby monitors can move their lens so that you can see your child as they move around the room. Additional IR LEDs emit light that is harmless to the baby and invisible to the human eye. It can, however, be seen by the camera’s lens, so that you can see what is happening in your baby’s room even when the lights are off, letting you watch over their sleep.
First baby monitors appeared in USA back in 1937 – these devices make parenting easier for almost a century now. The first baby monitor was called Zenith Radio Nurse and was used to listen in to what is happening in the baby’s room. Modern models are entire systems of speakers, microphones and video cameras, often with additional IR lighting. Some high-end models also have a temperature sensor that will warn you, if the baby room is too warm or too cold.

Video baby monitors are also perfect for taking care of the elderly that can’t live on their own due to health issues. Baby monitors let you stay in touch with those closest to you.
You can read more about baby monitors, their types and how to use them on our blog.
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