Neno Vita is equipped with a sterilization function that allows you to keep the bottles, teethers or pacifiers hygienic and sterile. Use the included bottle strainer to take the objects out safely and comfortably after sterilization to avoid burns.


Fast Sterilization

The device heats the water to 100°C first, and then sterilizes the bottles in just 10 minutes and prepares them for use.

Neno Vita

Milk heating

The device has a milk heating function, which allows you to heat milk quickly and smoothly for your baby. All you need to do is pick the right temperature in the settings and start heating the milk.

Neno Vita

Defrosting and re-heating meals

Our device has a defrosting function which allows you to quickly defrost meals for your child and heat them up to the temperature of your choice, so they are ready to serve.

Neno Vita

Quick re-heating

Vita is equipped with a meal re-heating function, which allows you to heat meals easily and quickly for your baby.

Neno Vita


Thanks to the built-in defrosting function, you can defrost not only ready meals and soups, but also hard ingredients like fruit, vegetables and other. All you need to do, is put the frozen food into the container and pick the defrosting option on the display panel.

Neno Vita

Night illuminator

Neno Vita has a built-in night illuminator that allows you to use it at any time. The lamp is installed inside the sterilizer and gently illuminates the lid of the.

Neno Vita

Touch panel

Neno Vita sterilizer is equipped with a display panel, which allows you to smoothly navigate the device and choose the appropriate settings according to your preferences.

Neno Vita

Clear LCD displa

Our device has a built-in clear screen display, which makes the device easy and intuitive to use.

Neno Vita


Neno Vita combines 4 functions: sterilization, meal and milk re-heating functions, and defrosting. Combined in one device, all these functions guarantee comfort of use and save kitchen space.

Neno Vita and baby

Modern design

Our device has a modern and minimalistic design, clear LCD display and big navigation buttons, which make it easy and comfortable to use.

Design Neno Vita
Weight 1,285 kg
Dimensions 23 × 18,3 × 21,5 cm

AC 220-240V 500W 50/60 Hz

Recommended temperature and air humidity:

15-30°C / 30-80%

Cable length:

100 cm

Heating Mode:


Defrost Mode:


Meal Heating Mode:


Sterilization Mode:




Night illuminator:


EAN code:


CN code:


Box weight:

1.3 kg




Sterilization Neno Vita



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