IR contactless thermometers
Thermometers are irreplaceable when it comes to health diagnosis, both for adults and children. Mercury thermometers used to be the most common thermometers used, but they are no longer used due to the fact that they pose a serious poisoning hazard when broken – mercury is a very dangerous metal. Even just the fumes of mercury could pose a serious risk to a small child. Nowadays, we mostly use alcohol thermometers that work in the same way, only they use dyed alcohol instead of merury. However, these thermometers are still brittle and, even worse, a proper measurement takes up to 10 minutes of sitting still, which can be very difficult to achieve with small children.
That is why we recommend our infrared thermometers.
IR thermometers are electronic device that measure infrared radiation of bodies. The stronger the radiation, the hotter the measured object. This measurement is instant, very precise and, most importantly, can be done without touching the patient, making the entire process safe and hygienic.
The IR thermometers measure the child’s body temperature from a distance of a few centimeters. The devices are made out of plastic and not brittle glass, making them much safer to use.

Infrared thermometers do not emit any radiation and do not pose any risk to your child. Anything that emits heat, including our bodies, naturally radiates infrared waves that are measured by the device sensor. Many infrared thermometer models have a measurement memory feature that lets you track the progress of treatment. Some models can also measure surface temperature of objects, letting you check if, for example, the milk in the bottle is not too hot for your baby.
You can find out more about IR thermometers and how they work on our website.


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