Neno Sinus wireless nasal aspirator
Nasal aspirators, sometimes called suction bulbs, let you easily suck out mucus from a child’s nose, which is especially useful when taking care of infants that can’t blow their noses by themselves yet. The device can be used from the very first day’s of a child’s life. There are many types of nasal aspirators available on the market, like traditional suction bulbs, rubber ducts that the parent sucks the air through and electric asipirators.
It’s important that you pick a proper tip for the nasal aspirator, so that the process is safe and painless for the baby. Before purchase, make sure that the device can be taken apart to clean and disinfect each element, ensuring hygiene of use.
Stuffed nose is one of the most common reasons why your baby might feel discomfort and cry. The inability to breathe through their nose may pose problems during feeding. Even a healthy child can have their nose clogged with mucus, so it’s always good to have a nasal aspirator handy. If your child is suffering from a cold, the nasal aspirator is downright essential. Of course, remember that no device can replace a pediatrician’s opinion when it comes to the health of your child.
How to pick the best nasal aspirator? Check out our blog for more information.

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Neno Sinus

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