Intended use

Neno Aqua is a machine that boils, heats, and cools the water, as well as
maintains a stable water temperature. The device is designed to prepare
baby formula.

Temperature keeping mode

Our modified milk machine is equipped with a temperature keep
function. All you need to do is to pick the temperature keeping
mode function on the touch panel, and then set the temperature
using the + and – buttons (from 38°C to 85°C)

Heating up water

Our product features boiling and water heating functions. The
device will firstly automatically boil water to 100°C, and then
heat up the boiled water to the chosen temperature.

Water cooling

The device can not only heat water up but also cool it down.
When you need to quickly cool down water and lead it to an
optimal temperature for the baby formula, just pick the water-
-cooling option on the touch panel..

Easy nighttime feeding

Now you can prepare milk for your child even during the night
time, without having to worry about waking up your family. The
built-in LED lamp helps you prepare meals even in the dark, so
you do not need to turn on the lights. The device emits blue light
to not wake up the baby and help it fall asleep peacefully.

Easy to clean

Our milk machine is designed for mothers who
value their time. Thanks to which Neno Aqua
has a simple structure without any unnecessary parts and is easy to clean.


Neno Aqua boils, heats, and cools water in a few minutes.
Swift device operation allows you to save time and quickly
prepare baby formula for your child.

Touch panel

Clear and simple display panel with big function buttons
makes the machine easy and intuitive to use.


We guarantee two years warranty.

Temperature setting

Neno Aqua is equipped with temperature settings, thanks
to which you can pick a setting of your choice to heat up or
cool down the water. Available temperature range is from
38°C to 85°C in the keep warm mode. In cooking mode, the
appliance automatically heats the water to 100 ° C.

Clear LCD screen

Our modified milk machine has a big, clear, illuminated
screen, that makes the device easy and effortless to use.

High quality design

Neno Aqua is designed with the thought of functionality and maximum efficiency, as well as for the sake of
comfort of use.

Not just a milk heating machine

You do not have to put the machine away after your child grows up.
Our modified milk machine is multifunctional and can be used for
more than just heating milk. The water boiling and heating functions can be used to prepare tea and other beverages

Weight 1,539 kg
Dimensions 17 × 25,5 × 29,5 cm

220V-240V, 50/60Hz



Maximum capacity:



136x220x258 mm

Net weight:

1.17 kg

Gross weight:

1.45 kg

Cable length:

100 cm

Kod EAN:


Kod CN:


Box dimensions:

25.5x17x29.7 cm

Box weight:

1.6 kg




Modified milk machine Neno Aqua



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