Nebulizers and nebulization – what is that?

Nebulizers are devices that, according to their name, are used for nebulization :). But what exactly is this nebulization? We will try to explain.

This process consists of applying medicine to the patient in the form of an aerosol or mist.
It is a treatment method used for respiratory diseases, but many people also use nebulization for prevention during colds or during the flu season.

Nebulization and inhalation – what is the difference?
Nebulization should not be confused with inhalation.
Nebulization is the application of a cool mist or aerosol containing drug particles, while inhalation is the application of hot vapors from the heated medicine and water solution.

Nebulizer- for whom?
A home nebulizer is the perfect choice for people who suffer from frequent, seasonal respiratory infections or struggle with conditions such as allergies or asthma.
The device will allow you to quickly and efficiently apply the dose of medication or saline prescribed by your doctor, bringing relief.
If you suffer from chronic lung and bronchial illnesses, or even just simple allergies or asthma every year – ask your doctor if they recommend nebulization therapy.

How do I choose a good nebulizer?
With these devices, the most important parameter is the nebulization efficiency and MMAD (Mass Median Aerodynamic Diameter – in other words, the average diameter of nebulized particles).

This first parameter shows how quickly your treatment will go – the more efficient the device is, the faster it will turn the dose of medicine into a mist that can be inhaled.

The second parameter, in turn, indicates how fine the drug molecules in the nebulized mist are. This is very important because particles that are too large won’t be absorbed into the tissues of your respiratory tract as well as smaller particles would. Ideally, the MMAD should be around 3 µm (micrometers). Avoid devices with MMAD that is above 5μm or, even worse, not listed in the specification at all.

When selecting a nebulizer, also consider who will be using the device. Most of this type of devices include plastic masks that make it easier to inhale the mist.
Therefore, remember to choose a nebulizer that has a mask of the appropriate size for the patient among its accessories – a mask designed for adults will cover the entire face of a five-year-old child without making the nebulization process easier in any way.

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