Clean kitchen

Our blender is designed with the thought of moms that
value tidiness and comfort. You don’t need to prepare
ingredients and steam food in separate pots anymore.
Neno Cibo will do it all for you, and save you cleaning

Healthy baby meal

Organic, quick and healthy baby meal as an alternative
to the jars you buy. Neno Cibo is for you if you want
your child to eat healthy soups rich in nutrients that you
prepare yourself at an express pace. An additional
advantage is the freshness and taste of the meals compared to the jars you buy. Cibo helps you to save money
in comparison with ready-made, shop-based dishes. It is
also gives you the possibility to gradually introduce
new vegetables and fruits to your kid so that in the
event of allergies or intolerances you will know what to
eliminate from your child’s diet.


Neno Cibo is equipped with a chopping function,
thanks to which you can process big chunks of food in
the blender. All you need to do is switch on the chopping function,
and the blender will quickly and precisely chop big chunks of food.


Neno Cibo has mixing and pulsing functions, thanks
to which you can set the blending power according to
your preference and choose pulse or mixing functions,
so you can successfully blend and mix food to the
consistency of your choice.


Our blender is equipped with a steam cooking
function, which allows you to cook previously
chopped and prepared food, and save all of the
valuable nutrients.

Healthy meals

Our product is designed with the thought of
your children’s health and well-being and for
the parents who want to prepare healthy
and nutritious meals that help support your
child’s healthy growth.

Time saver

All of the built-in functions of chopping,
steaming and multifunctional blending
options are designed to save your valuable
time on food preparation, without loosing the
quality and nutritional value.

Comfortable screen

Neno Cibo has a big and comfortable screen
with a control panel and buttons that make the
blender easy and intuitive to use.

Take it anywhere

Neno Cibo is lightweight and portable with a
comfortable design, thanks to which you can
take it with you on any trip that you desire.

Stable base

The device sits on a hard stable base, with supporting
legs, so you do not need to worry about the device
falling or shaking. Even when working on the highest
settings, the secure base guarantees safe use in any

Easy as child’s play

Our blender is designed specially with the thought of functionality and to
save time. A simple structure and a big, easy to navigate screen make
using the device easy as child’s play.

Automatic cleaning

Our product is equipped with an automatic cleaning function,
which will save your time and effort. All you need to
do is pour water into the device, press the
automatic clean button and pour the water out when
it is done.

Weight 2,618 kg
Dimensions 19 × 31 × 31 cm
Heating power:


Blending power:


Power supply voltage and frequency:

220V-240V, 50/60Hz

Water tank capacity:


Stirring cup capacity:


Net weight:


Gross weight:




EAN code:


CN code:


Box dimensions:

31×18.8×31.3 cm

Box weight:

2.6 kg




Baby food blender with steaming function Neno Cibo


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