a package of disposable sanitary pads

Hygienic changing

Changing a baby requires the right hygiene and environment. At the same time, we are aware that changing a nappy is not always possible in comfort. Whether at home or in an emergency, Neno Neo disposable underpads will make things easier for you, providing protection for your mattress or a soft and clean base for your baby.

lying infant on the Neno Neo underlay

Gynaecological postnatal underpads

The first few days after the childbirth are a special time of rest and recovery for women. New mothers experience heavy bleeding during this time. Neno Neo disposable underpads are very helpful in this case, protecting the bed and linen from stains and eliminating unpleasant odours.

pregnant woman putting underpads into Neno bag

Large absorbent area

Hygiene, hygiene, and more hygiene! The large and absorbent Neno Neo disposable underpads will help you to regularly maintain the right conditions during postpartum, when changing your baby, when caring for the elderly, or during travel.

laughing baby on Neno Neo underlay

A large stock

At Neno, we create products and solutions that are designed to make your life easier. Following this idea, we have prepared Neno Neo disposable underpads in packs of 10. Thanks to this solution, you don’t have to worry about running out at the wrong time.

package of disposable sanitary pads on the table and next to it a baby in a crib

Say goodbye to nappies with Neno Neo

There comes a time in every toddler’s life when they have to part with their nappies. The beginnings can be difficult and involve both uncontrollable urination during the day and bedwetting at night. Neno Neo disposable underpads are an indispensable support during this phase, which – thanks to their waterproof layer and anti-odour technology – instantly absorb moisture and unpleasant odours.

mulatto sleeping with a sheep in a crib

Always by your side

Going on a trip and with you at least one baby requiring changing? Remember to throw Neno Neo disposable changing pads in your bag. It will help you quickly create a comfortable and clean nappy changing area, insulating your baby’s sensitive body from cold or unclean surfaces.

woman changing a toddler in a car with Neno Neo

Sleep tight

It is common for unwanted contents from a nappy or baby’s tummy to land in the cot space, making it impossible for parents and baby to sleep peacefully. In these situations, you can reach for the Neno Neo. The large and absorbent underpads provide protection so that your mattress, bedding or blanket won’t get dirty and won’t need to be washed and changed every time.

baby sleeping in a crib

Absorption at the highest level

With the user’s comfort in mind, we have designed the underpads to be extremely absorbent. Thanks to its 5-layer structure, each piece instantly absorbs moisture and, most importantly, it does not leak. Using Neno Neo you don’t have to worry about the lack of hygiene and freshness.

absorbent pads

5 ultra-absorbent layers

— Soft top layer that does not irritate the skin.
— Absorbent upper layer.
— The insert immediately absorbs fluids, moisture and unpleasant odours.
— Strong absorbent layer.
— The waterproof layer protects against leaks.

5 super absorbent layers of sleepers

No more bad smells

Bad smells, although unpleasant to the nose, are an integral part of our physiology. Fortunately, we have a solution! Neno Neo’s 5-layer underpads have been created using anti-odour technology to neutralise unpleasant odours.

Neno Neo underlay

A medical product

Neno Neo disposable underpads are a medical product recommended by specialists, therefore you can also buy them in pharmacies, specialist shops and partner shops.

woman unfolds Neno Neo sleeper pad

Perfect for the elderly

If you are regularly taking care of seniors, you will certainly appreciate the univesality of Neno Neo underpads. They are indispensable for chronically ill people with walking and incontinence problems. The soft top layer does not irritate the skin, and the waterproof layer at the bottom prevents unexpected leaks.

elderly woman in bed by the cabinet with books, flowers and Neno Neo sleepers

For use after surgery

As a medical product, Neno Neo underpads also work well after surgical and gynaecological procedures. The clean, large and absorbent surface provides great protection during dressing changes and as a cover for a mattress or wheelchair.

woman in hospital with stiffening collar

Dedicated to post-surgical patients and those who require continuous care

Neno Neo disposable underpads will find their use in home conditions, clinics, hospices, as well as in surgical, maternity, geriatric, palliative medicine, cardiology, orthopaedic and internal medicine wards.

Neno Neo sleepers and surgical instruments
a package of Neno Neo sleepers

60×90 cm

Number of layers:


Number of pieces:


Medical device:


Odour neutralising technology:


Weight and box size:

46.5×20.5×7 cm

EAN code:


PN code


CN code:

9619 00 89


Neno Neo disposable underpads


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