breast pads - 2 pieces Neno Stella

Neno Stella – nursing pads

❤️ Superabsorbent

❤️ Ultra-thin

❤️ Individually wrapped

❤️ Breathable

breast pads - 2 pieces Neno Stella

Super-absorbent and ultra-thin

Stella nursing pads are ideal for the prevention of stains on clothing and underwear. Thanks to their excellent hygroscopic properties, they absorb moisture immediately and keep the outer layer dry for longer. They are also as discreet as possible, being only 1 mm thick.

breast pads - super absorbent

Discretion in itself

When shopping, on the plane and at the beach… Nursing pads work perfectly in all conditions. They are ultra-thin and precisely shaped, so they fit perfectly into the cup of your bra and remain invisible.

Breast pad perfectly fitted to the bra

Infographics 5 layers

super-absorbent breast pads

Breathable layer

We know that the moisture from food combined with the warmth of the human skin provides the ideal environment for harmful micro-organisms to grow. That is why we have designed our pads with an extra breathable layer. This solution guarantees excellent ventilation and total comfort.

breathable breast pads

60 pieces individually wrapped

Remember – good hygiene is essential in every situation. With our nursing pads, you’ll always be able to maintain it! Each pack contains up to 60 individually wrapped nursing pads. So there’s no need to worry about your breasts coming into contact with unwanted micro-organisms.

60 pieces of inserts packed in individual packs

Soft material

A breastfeeding mother’s delicate skin deserves the best. The nursing pads are made from a soft and comfortable non-woven fabric that gently envelops the nipple and surrounding area for 100% comfort.

delicate Neno Stella insoles

Protect your underwear

Stella pads are designed to keep your underwear dry. With a waterproof bottom layer, they will not leak so your bra stays dry and clean.

Woman inserting inserts into bra

Always with you

Don’t worry about hygiene because we’ve done it for you. Each piece is wrapped in a protective film so you can toss it into a roomy shopper, evening clutch or casual kidney bag.

purse and breast pads in the background

Absorbent layer

How does the ultra-thin pad absorb large amounts of fluid? The secret of its superior absorbency lies in a layer of Japanese superabsorbent polymers.

breast pads and close-up of the absorbent layer

Stabilising stickers

The stabilising stickers help secure the pad to the cup and ensure it stays in place as you move. They also won’t leave unsightly sticky marks on the material.

woman in sports outfit and breast pads

For the love of intimacy

The NenoCare series of hygiene products is the result of years of research, based on an analysis of perinatal care standards and the needs of expectant mothers. Stella nursing pads, like Neo disposable sanitary pads, are a top-quality product designed to support women during lactation and the postpartum period.

Woman lying in crib in pajamas feeding toddler

For day and night

Want to stay fresh 24/7? Nursing pads can help. Their breathability means they can be used both during the day and at night.

box with 2 Neno Stella inserts

127×117 mm

The number of layers:



60 pieces

Weight and size of the box:

130×133×102 mm

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