cordless electronic nasal aspirator for babies

Neno Aria – cordless electronic nasal aspirator for babies

– cordless

– two tips

– pouch included

– easy to clean

– USB – C

USB-C charger

Charging via USB-C

The Neno Aria electronic aspirator is perfect for both indor and outdoor use. Thanks to the fact that it has a universal USB-C port and cable included, you can easily charge it anywhere. Simply connect the device to a stationary power source or powerbank.

tips for the Neno Aria aspirator

2 tips

Want to gently but effectively clean your child’s nose? Nothing could be easier! Switch on the aspirator, choose one of the two age-appropriate nozzles and go to work. Clearing the airways will bring your little one instant relief.

full set of aspirator

Full set

The aspirator will arrive in your hands with all the necessary components. In addition to the head, tips and secretion container, you will also receive a dedicated charging cable and a practical pouch for storage.

a kid on an aspirator and a girl next to him

A long lasting device

We have designed the aspirator to serve you for many years. The age-appropriate tips allow you to express the runny nose of both a baby and its older siblings.

parts of the aspirator

Easy cleaning

Maintaining the proper hygiene of the aspirator is extremely easy thanks to its clever design. The secretion container does not have unnecessary recesses or protrusions, so you can easily get rid of the remnants of a runny nose. You can also easily clean and sterilize the tips made of soft silicone.

the hand that moves the aspirator to the baby's throat

Cordless operation

Cordless operation makes using the aspirator extremely convenient. The absence of cables and the long operating time (up to 2 hours in the most intensive mode!) guarantee comfortable discharge during infections and as part of everyday hygiene.

Neno Aria aspirator

Easy operation

Operating the Neno Aria is child’s play, as its controls are limited only to a clear panel with touch-sensitive buttons. It only takes 2 touches to start the aspirator!

– Suction mode indicator strong/moderate/soft


– Power/mode buton


– Stop/start button


a velvet aspirator bag and a woman with a stroller

Lightweight and mobile

The included pouch is not only aesthetically pleasing but also very helpful when carrying the device. The capacious pouch makes it possible to take the aspirator for a walk, on a journey by car, train, tram or even plane.

baby lying in a towel

Adjustable suction power

A runny nose is a real nightmare for babies, who are also unable to get rid of it themselves. Depending on how much secretion has accumulated in the nose, you can set the appropriate mode to ensure that the secretion is sucked out effectively.

woman packed to hospital with a suitcase

A must have for your layette

Is the time of birth fast approaching? It’s time to make a layette list, which should undoubtedly include our lightweight and handy aspirator. A modern, cordless breast pump, a device with sterilising and heating function, a contactless thermometer, a tissue warmer, a milk collector and a supply of sanitary pads will also make a great addition to the layette.

box of Neno Aria

5V 1A


5 W


Lithium 3.7V, 1100mAh

Maximum negative pressure:

58 kPa

Tips material:


Noise level:

≤59 dB

Charging time:

approx. 2,5 hours

Working time:

up to 2 hours




103x51x42 mm


Aspirator, Aspirator tip 2mm,
Aspirator tip 3mm, Collection
cap, USB cable,
Storage bag, Manual

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PN Code:


CN Code:



Neno Aria