electronic rocker for childreni

Rocking lock

Using the rocker is a pleasure for both baby and parent. The product perfectly replaces mum or dad’s arms and is easy to transport. The built-in locking mechanism immobilises the structure so that the seat does not wobble when moved.

Aurora rocker and unlock and lock buttons

Mosquito net

The Neno Aurora is perfect for when you are sitting on the patio or in the garden on a warm evening and want to keep an eye on your little one. The rocker has a mosquito net attached to the canopy to prevent contact with annoying mosquitoes and flies.

crossed out mosquito

Seat belts

Worried about a busy toddler going overboard? Not at all! The sturdy five-point harness with crotch strap, surrounded by a soft cover, ensures that your child is stable and secure in the seat.

a child playing with a toy in a rocking chair

Control panel

We have designed the Aurora rocker with a clear control panel with buttons to activate all available options quickly and easily.

control panel in the rocker

Remote control

Do you like mobility? Then you’ll be pleased to know that the Neno Aurora comes with a remote control. You can use it to switch on lullabies or sleep mode without having to reach for the rocker every time.

srocker remote control

Pre-loaded lullabies

Babies love to fall asleep to the soothing sounds of lullabies. With the tunes pre-loaded into the device’s memory, you have a repertoire to help your baby relax and fall into a peaceful sleep.

lullabies in a rocking chair

Adjustable canopy

The rocker’s clever design includes a removable, foldable canopy with mosquito net and pendants, which is especially handy when you want to protect your little one’s eyes from glaring light.

adjustable canopy on the rocker

Plush toys

The plush, detachable star and moon-shaped pendants are not only an aesthetic addition. The toys in contrasting colours stimulate the senses, which has a positive effect on the development of children’s perception.

a child in a rocking chair and a plush toy in the background

Personalised use

Adapt the use of the rocker to your own needs! You can choose from options such as removing and adjusting the canopy and detaching the cushion and toys.

removing and installing the visor

Swinging motion

The Neno Aurora uses a pendulum rocking motion that is harmonious, soothing and calming. The Aurora’s rocking speed and intensity are adjustable in five stages, so you can adapt the settings to suit your little one’s mood and preferences.

5 levels of swinging in the rocker

BT connectivity

Does your little one only fall asleep to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons? We have the solution! The Neno Aurora allows you to connect to other devices via Bluetooth. Just pair your phone with the rocker and play the song of your choice.

sending lullabies to your phone and a baby rocking in the background

High quality materials

With your little one’s comfort in mind, we have made sure that the seat cover is made from a soft and durable material. For added comfort, there is a soft velour cushion that can be removed if required.

solid material of the rocker

Easy cover removal

It is important to wash the seat cover regularly to keep it clean and to maintain your baby’s hygiene. If the fabric has been soiled with soup or juice, remove it and wash it at 30 degrees or by hand with a mild detergent.

easily removable rocker cover

Sleep mode

If your arms refuse to obey and your baby still needs to be rocked, use the rocker and switch to sleep mode with the remote control (green SLEEP button). 15 minutes of rocking is the optimum sleep time for a baby.

different sleep modes for the rocker

Corded and wireless power

The Neno Aurora can be used both indoors and outdoors. If you want to take the Aurora out into the garden, you don’t have to worry about the length of the cable, as the rocker is also wirelessly powered (AAA batteries).

different ways of powering the rocker

Full set

Together with the Neno Aurora rocker, you will receive all the components you need to make it work properly, such as a power supply, remote control and instructions.

Neno Aurora rocker

Easy to transport

The Neno Aurora rocking chair can be taken on short and long trips by your family. This is all thanks to the clever design of the folding mechanism. This solution means that the rocker does not take up much space in the boot, making it easy to transport.

transporting a folded rocker in the car
Neno Aurora rocker
Permissible child weight:

Up to 9kg

Levels of rocking:


Regulowane zadaszenie:


Plush pendants:


Mosquito net:


Swing lock:




Sleep Mode:




EAN code:



Bouncer • Remote • AC/DC adapter • Cable
• User manual


Neno Aurora – electronic bouncer for children


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