3-phase operation

The Neno Angelo is our first single breast pump with 3 phases that perfectly reproduce the natural suckling rhythm of a baby. Each of the 3 phases has 9 levels of suction to choose from giving you the freedom to personalize your settings according to your needs. At the end of each cycle, the breast pump turns off  automatically. Each cycle lasts 30 minutes..

neno angelo breast pump drawing milk from the woman's breast

Mixed Phase

In the stimulation phase, the pumping device will make intense and shallow movements. This mode is responsible for stimulating the mammary glands in the breasts to improve the flow of milk.

baby sucking milk from a woman's breast

Silent operation mode

In addition to mimicking your baby’s natural suckling pattern, Neno Angelo gives you comfort in expressing milk in all conditions, even at  night. The breast pump is quiet and extremely compact. You can now express your milk without waking your baby or partner.

the baby sleeping and neno angelo breast pump in the background

Power of light

Thanks to the built-in LED lamp, every mother can now express milk easily and conveniently without having to turn on the light, making the use of the breast pump easy and convenient even at night.

neno angelo breast pump, woman's breast and in the background clouds and background with stars

Dream holidays with the Neno breast pump

The Neno Angelo is completely wireless, making it perfect for both home and outof-home use. Thanks to its compact design, the Neno Angelo weighs only 392 grams, making it the perfect solution when you’re on the go. In addition, the wireless working time of the breast pump is about 2 hours.

woman holding baby in her arms and neno angelo breast pump

Comfort of using Neno

All Neno breast pumps and bottles are compatible with each other, giving you the freedom to choose the bottle size you want. The bottle is connected directly to the device. The set includes a 180 ml feeding bottle and can be freely changed to a 150, 240, or 300 ml bottle, depending on the needs and age of the child.

baby holding bottle and angelo breast pump

Fast charging

Neno Angelo is convenient and easy to use. It takes up to 2 hours to fully charge the device and use it wirelessly. The USB-C cable allows you to charge the device from any power source (5V 1A) – even a car charger. The readable display makes the menu visible in all lighting conditions, giving additional comfort of setting the device modes in any place.

woman entertaining her baby in the saddle in the car and angelo breast pump

Inteligent technology

Neno Angelo prevents milk from flowing back while pumping. This allows the expressed milk to travel through the funnel and valve directly into the bottle. This allows you to maintain hygiene and keep the milk fresh.

neno angelo breast pump

Gantle breast shield

The breast shield is made from delicate Japanese BPA-free silicone. The ergonomic shape of the breast shield adapts to any breast size and shape and perfectly fits nipples from 18.5 mm to 21.5 mm. The breast shield is 100% safe for the skin while providing comfort. Neno also offers other breast shield sizes: 21 mm and 27 mm.

neno angelo breast pump

Full set

With the Neno Angelo set, you get more than just a pumping device. The set includes a milk bottle (180 ml), a teat with a cap, a funnel with a protective cap, a bottle cap, a membrane, a USB-C charging cable, and an additional breast shield. All Neno brand replacement parts such as breast shields, membranes, or valves, are universal and can be used with any Neno breast pump model.

neno angelo breast pump

Safe storage of your food

When you have too much milk, you can easily express your milk, freeze it, and use it later. Use the Neno food storage bags, which, thanks to a precise connector, can be mounted directly to the Neno breast pump instead of a bottle.

woman preparing bags for freezing breastmilk
Comparison of breast shield
Comparison of breast pumps
Weight 0,577 kg
Dimensions 10 × 17,5 × 26,7 cm
Operating mode:

Stimulation Phase L1-L9, Deep Pumping Phase L1-L9, Mixed Phase L1-L9

Battery Capacity and Type:

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 3.7 V 1400 mAh

Charging time:

Approximately 2 hours

Work time:

Up to 120 minutes

LED light



5V 1A

Charging cable:

USB type C

Breast Pump Size:

82x67x64 mm


392 g

EAN code :


CN code:


Box size:

17.5x10x26.7 cm

Box weight:

547.3 g




3-phase cordless breast pump Neno Angelo