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W zestawie:
– adjustable bath liner included thermometer
– easy folding
– non-slip mat inside the tub
– shower handset holder
– drain plugy
– handle for carrying and hanging
– non-slip footrests
– space for bath products

baby lying on its tummy on a mat

Electronic thermometery

Convenient length adjustment of the temperature sensor allows you to match it to the water level.
Thanks to the thermometer, you no longer have to worry about the water overheating or cooling down. You can be sure that your baby is immersed in water at the ideal temperature for his or her needs.

woman unfolding a mat and, in the background, a child leaning on a sofa

Adjustable insole

The bath is designed for use from the first day of a baby’s life, so you can confidently use it to bathe a newborn. This activity is made easier by the included insert, which supports and stabilises the baby’s position.

girl playing on a foam mat

Easy folding

If you like order and functionality, you will definitely appreciate the fact that the tub can be quickly folded. This makes it easy to find a place for it in the bathroom or another room.

woman and child lying on a foam mat

Non-slip mat inside

Give your little one stability by choosing a bath with a non-slip mat on the bottom. This is an extra safety feature that eliminates the risk of slipping and makes bathing safe.

Neno Mondo foam mat

Drain plug

No more waiting for the bath to empty! Speed up the process with a drain plug. Save time and maintain hygiene during your daily ritual.

Neno Mondo cleaning family

Space for a shower handset

Tired of running to the shower while you wash your child? We have a solution for that. Neno Lucy has a special place where you can place the shower handset so that you always have it at hand.

woman carrying a bag with Neno Mondo

Practical handle

With the help of the handle, you will efficiently move Neno Lucy from room to room and then hang it on the wall.

educational elements on Neno Mondo

Non-slip feet

Busy toddler on board? Don’t worry, Lucy has non-slip feet that keep the bath firmly planted on the floor, eliminating the risk of accidental slipping.

Children's room and Neno Mondo mat

Locking clamps

The legs of the Neno Lucy bath are fitted with special clamps. The mechanism that locks them in place prevents the bathtub from folding accidentally during use.

Neno Mondo anti-slip mat

Shelf for bath products

Make every bath a visit to the spa! Our bathtub has a practical shelf for the cosmetics you need to care for your baby’s delicate skin.

Neno Mondo foam mat

Take it on the road

The Neno Lucy is lightweight and portable, so you can easily fold it up, throw it in the boot and take it with you. The bath is perfect for holidays and provides the opportunity to take care of your baby’s hygiene both indoors and outdoors.

double-sided foam mat Neno Mondo

Aaesthetic appearance

In the case of the bath, subtle and ergonomic shapes combine with thoughtful design to create an attractive appearance that blends in with the design of any bathroom.

woman playing on a mat with a child

Quick-drying insole texture

A great advantage of the adjustable insole is its mesh structure. The material does not absorb moisture, which makes it much easier to wash and dry and prevents the growth of harmful micro-organisms and fungi.

large mat sizes

Size to fit your needs

Do you dream of a bathtub that can be used not only by babies, but also by older children, and that does not take up half the bathroom after bathing? Neno Lucy is a solution that will meet your expectations.

Neno Mondo compact mat
Permissible weight of the child:

Up to 30kg





Dimensions of the product unfolded:

89x52x24 cm

Dimensions when folded:

89x52x11 cm

Bathtub weight:


Bath insert weight:


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Box dimensions:


Kit contents:

Bath tub, Adjustable bath insert,
Thermometer, Instructions


Neno Lucy – folding baby bathtub: