Neno Tutti viollet - szczoteczka elektryczna dla malucha

From 3 to 6 years of age

Developing healthy oral habits takes time and commitment, so it’s best to start early! An electric toothbrush with a fun dolphin-shaped handle will help make this happen. Neno Tutti, with its attractive design and interesting features, is sure to get your child’s attention.

dziewczynka myjąca zęby Tutti pastą

Funny melodies

It is said that music soothes the savage beast, so we have equipped the Neno Tutti toothbrush with 7 cheerful melodies. The sounds, which are activated together with vibrations and coloured LEDs, will enchant your little one and make brushing fun!

dziewczynka i w tle Neno Tutti


Light is a stimulant that catches the eye of any curious child. But the white backlight at the top of the handle is more than just an attraction. You can use it to see inside the mouth and check that all your child’s teeth have been properly cleaned.

kobieta  myjąca zęby z córką

Colourful LEDs

In addition to the timer, a sequence of coloured lights can be used to set the brushing rhythm. Imagine how much fun your child will have waiting for the LED in its favourite colour to light up!

kolorowe szczoteczki Neno Tutti

Soft nylon fibres

The Neno Tutti electric toothbrush has soft nylon bristles. The bristles make it possible to maintain good hygiene as they do not absorb any water. This type of solution helps to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and other micro-organisms.

miękkie, nylonowe włókna do szczoteczek Neno Tutti

Dolphin-shaped toothbrush

Nothing helps more than having a friend to cheer you up and make feel better. With the purple Tutti dolphin, every toddler can now have such a companion! Tutti the dolphin will help your little one to brush the teeth quickly and easily.

chłopiec myjący zęby szcoteczką Neno Tutti

Toothbrush holder

Buying Neno Tutti opens up a world of unusual and practical solutions. One of them is the holder, which ensures stability. This means that your toothbrush does not fall to the floor and is always at hand.

22 000 vibrations per minute

A good electric toothbrush should clean children’s teeth precisely and gently. The Neno Tutti produces up to 22,000 vibrations per minute, so you can be sure to get the effect you want every time.

szcoteczka elektroniczna Neno Tutti

Use with other Neno tips

Do you have more than one Neno brush? Mix and match the tips as you like to find a result that is perfectly suited to your current preferences!

kompatybilne części do szczoteczki Neno

Built-in timer

One of the most important features of the Neno Tutti toothbrush is the timer. It helps the youngest members of the family learn the two-minute brushing rule. The timer pauses every 30 seconds, so you know when to move to another mouth area.

chłopiec myjacy zęby Neno Tutti

3 tips included

Neno Tutti has been designed to serve you for many years. All thanks to its replaceable parts. The toothbrush comes with a set of 3 tips. This will help you maintain good hygiene for a long time!

3 końcówki do Neno Tutti
pudełko Neno Tutti
Built-in melodies:

Yes, 7 melodies in vibration mode

Soft nylon fibers:


Brush stand:


Extra tips:

Yes, 3 included


2x battery AAA (not included)



Vibration Per Minute:


Built-in timer:

2 minutes of brushing, break every 30 seconds

LED backlight:


Colorful LED light with vibration:



202x57x57 mm


54 g

Box dimensions:

148x234x55 mm

Box weight with contents:

276.5 g

EAN code:


PN code


CN code:



Neno Fratelli Violet



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