Neno Fratelli Blue- sczoteczka dla malucha

For children aged 6 and over

Meet an unusual toothbrush designed for older children. It will help you develop healthy oral hygiene habits in your toddler and make the daily ritual more attractive.

dzieci myjące zęby

LED backlighting

The light hidden in the upper part of the handle of the Neno Fratelli is a real eye-catcher. Your child will be delighted by this unusual stimulus during tooth brushing. And you will have the opportunity to illuminate and inspect the inside of your child’s mouth.

mycie zębów szczoteczką LED

Colourful LEDs

Colourful LEDs make brushing teeth magical. Thanks to the changing rhythm of the pulsating lights, the evening ritual becomes fun rather than boring and obligatory.

kolorowe szczoteczki

Built-in timer

The timer and LED backlight will help you keep your child’s smile healthy and beautiful. The built-in timer measures 2 minutes intermittently every 30 seconds so you know when to move the toothbrush to another area.

chłopczyk myjący zęby szczoteczką

Compatible with other Neno brushes

Do you have more than one Neno toothbrush at home? Take advantage of this fact and change your chosen tips according to your current needs.

części zamienne do do szczoteczek Neno

Water resistance

When you’re looking for an electric toothbrush, there’s one important detail to look out for – water resistance. The Neno Fratelli is IPX7 rated, so you can rinse it under the tap without worrying about splashes damaging the motor.

wodoodporny Neno Fratelli

224,000 vibrations per minute

The right technique is essential for effective tooth brushing, even for children. Before you start teaching your little one, make sure you know how to brush according to age and dental development. Another quality factor is good performance. With the Neno Fratelli, you can be sure that the cleaning will be precise, as it produces 24,000 vibrations per minute.

24000 wybracji na minutę szczoteczki Neno Fratelli

Nylon bristles

When choosing a toothbrush, look at the type of bristles. Neno Fratelli has delicate nylon bristles. Their main advantage is hygiene, because they do not absorb water. This feature prevents the growth of harmful micro-organisms and rotting. They are also stiff enough to avoid deformation.

nylonowe włosie szczoteczki do zębów

Additional tip included

We want our products to serve you for as long as possible, so we offer first-class customer service, regularly provided by consultants and service staff. We also want to help you replace those parts which tend to wear out. This is why you will find an extra tip in your Neno Fratelli kit, also available on

dodatkowe końcówki do szczoteczek

Unique design

Brushing will be even more fun for your toddler when it has a cheerful companion like one of the animals that ’live’ on the Neno Fratelli handle. The extremely friendly blue lion or the adorable bubble-gum giraffe will make your child smile.

wyjątkowy design szczoteczek Neno
Soft nylon bristles:


Power supply:

1x AAA battery (not supplied)

Soft nylon launch:


Water resistance:


Vibrations per minute:


Built-in timer:

2 minutes of brushing, pause every 30 seconds

LED backlighting:


Colourful LED light when vibrating:



188x19x19 mm


27 g

Box dimensions:

70x217x27 mm

Weight of box with content:

78 g

EAN code:


PN code:


CN code:



Electronic toothbrush for children Neno Fratelli Blue



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