Neno Blue and Neno Pink baby nightstands in a room arrangement

From the 18th month

Time for your little one to take the next step? Then reach for the Neno Pipi! The functional potty is a must during the wean period.

Baby on potty playing with teddy bear with daddy

Easy to clean

The Neno Pipi has been designed to make it easy and intuitive to keep the potty clean during use. With a smooth surface with no nooks and crannies, it only takes a moment to refresh the potty after each use.

easy to clean Neno Pipi potty

Removable insert with handle

Thanks to the practical insert, emptying the potty takes seconds. Simply remove the insert, pour out the contents, wash and leave to dry.

removable Neno Pipi potty insert

Cover included

The included insert protects the clean liner from contamination and ensures discretion during storage.

Neno Pipi potty cover

Non-slip base

Your child’s safety is our top priority, which is why the Neno Pipi is equipped with a non-slip base that eliminates the risk of the potty tipping over.

girl sitting on the floor on the potty

Handle for easy carrying

The handle on the back makes it easy to carry from place to place. Now you can take the Neno Pipi potty on holiday or to the grandparents, creating a comfortable environment for your little one.

potty handle and in the background a teddy bear sitting on the potty

High backrest

The high backrest is an important part of the design. It allows the infant to feel stable and secure when using the potty.

baby sitting on the potty and playing with mommy's teddy bear

Soft seat

The soft seat makes baby feel comfortable and relaxed, which is key to a positive learning experience.

Neno Pipi soft potty seat

Modern design

The Neno Pipi potty is a functional accessory and an elegant piece of bathroom equipment, whose modern design blends in perfectly with any décor.

modern nightstand Neno Pipi

Two colours to choose from

The product is available in two beautiful colours, so you can match it to your taste and bathroom decor.

two Neno Pipi potties
Age of child:

18 m+

Maks. child's weight:

30 kg






1,35 kg

PN code:

NEN-BAB-ME010 Blue
NEN-BAB-ME011 Pink

EAN code:

5902479674933 Blue
5902479674940 Pink


Neno Pipi – nocnik dla dzieci