butelki do karmienia z zajączkiem Neno Mio

Neno Mio bottles

kolekcja neno Mio butelka i bidon

Introducing: Neno Mio bottles

two Neno sterilizers

Compatibility with Neno sterilisers

If you want to maintain proper hygiene when using the Neno Mio, use one of the Neno multifunctional devices. It allows you to sterilise all the components that make up the bottle

two colors of Neno Mio - brown, cream

Choose from two colours

The stylish Mio bottle comes in two fashionable neutral colours. Do you prefer ecru or brown in a nude version? The choice is yours!

Neno Mio bottle

The perfect gift for baby shower and gender reveal party

Beautiful packaging and an eye-catching design make the Neno Mio bottle the perfect baby shower or gender reveal gift for mums-to-be.

a woman feeding her toddler with a Neno Mio bottle and a pacifier

Heat resistance

The PPSU material from which the product is made is characterised by its high heat resistance. As a result, you can sterilise the bottle without worrying about the plastic melting or deforming.

anti-colic pacifier, baby fed with a Neno Mio bottle

Anti-colic system

The teat has an extra hole to reduce the amount of air the baby swallows during feeding. This means less discomfort for the baby, such as painful colic or gas.

Neno Mio feeding bottle and its components

Teat filled with milk

The clever design of the Neno Mio prevents vacuum by preventing air from entering the teat. As a result, no matter what position the bottle is in, there is always milk in the teat, not air, and you can feed your baby without unnecessary interruption. This will help to reduce the risk of your baby having a painful colic.

girl drinking from Neno Mio

Ability to drink from any angle

The ability to drink from any angle is a great convenience. Whether your baby holds the bottle horizontally or tilts it, he or she will be able to quench their thirst.

cross-shaped nipple opening

Expanding baby’s diet

The bottle can be used for feeding as well as for serving tea, water, thick juices and other drinks, making it useful during the diet expansion phase.

child putting a cover on a bottle

Safe material

The Neno Mio bottle is baby friendly in every way. The materials it is made from do not contain harmful compounds such as BPA.

woman expressing milk using Neno Perfetto

Compatible with Neno breast pumps

You can use this handy bottle in a number of ways. One way is to connect it to the Neno breast pump when you want to express your breastmilk.

a girl sitting on her mother's belly and playing with Neno Mio

Every baby’s favourite bottle

The friendly, smiling ‘bunny’ will win baby’s affection in no time. Thanks to the ergonomic handles on the bottle, your child can take it with them wherever they go.

a woman puts Neno Mio into the dishwasher

Easy cleaning

Mio will quickly become your favourite bottle because it is so easy to clean. Just pop it in the dishwasher and you’re done!

a baby crawling on the floor and Neno Mio in the background

High durability

We have made the Mio bottle from durable PPSU material so it can withstand mechanical damage, even if your child accidentally drops it on the floor.

two bottles for both cold and warm drinks

Hot and cold drinks

The Mio bottle is designed for hot and cold drinks, so you can serve tea, water and juices.

baby fed with a Neno Mio bottle

Soft teat

The teat attached to the bottle is made of soft silicone, which is safe for baby’s delicate palate. It is also shaped to mimic a mother’s breast, making it easier for baby to suckle.

woman putting a bottle of Neno Mio into her bag

Leak-proof closure

You can take the Neno Mio with you anywhere. The bottle fits easily into a handbag or backpack and its tight seal prevents the contents from leaking out.

a woman hugging a child and Neno Mio playing with him

Unique design

The Neno Mio is the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. The accessory is perfect for everyday feeding and drinking. And the cute details, such as the bunny ears and nose, will attract your baby’s attention and encourage them to use the bottle.


brown, cream


300 ml



BPA-free material:


Dishwasher safe:


Anti-colic system:


Damage resistance:



6 months +

Expanding your diet:


Compatible with Neno breast pumps:


EAN code:

5902479674469 Cream
5902479674476 Brown

PN code:

NEN-BAB-BT007 Cream
NEN-BAB-BT008 Brown

CN code:


Product weight:

182 g

Product dimensions:

7,5 x 12,5 x 22 cm

Box weight:

343 g

Box dimensions:

124 x 229 x 85 mm


Neno Mio: