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CA warm wipe is better than a cold one! Neno Calor warmer makes diaper changes a pleasure for your baby. Just click and set one of 3 temperatures safe for the health and cleanliness of the baby’s sensitive skin. Neno Calor will make it easy for you to wash your baby’s sensitive areas, and your little one will instantly love the warm, gentle touch of wet wipes.
– Level 1: 30-45 degrees
– Level 2: 40-50 degrees
– Level 3: 45-55 degrees

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The newest technology in the Neno Calor keeps your wipes moist, without browning or losing temperature. With a built-in thin heater and three heat levels, you can heat and maintain the temperature of your wipes, so they’re always ready to use. Just plug the device in and select the heating temperature.

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Neno Calor wet wipes warmer heats up quickly – about 20 minutes. You don’t need to pour water into it, just open the flap of the device, put a pack of wet wipes inside, set the temperature on the panel, and you’re done! Neno Calor will heat the wipes to a safe temperature, so your baby associates changing the nappy with something nice and pleasant

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Neno Calor thanks to its design maintains the freshness, temperature, and humidity of wet wipes. A special, fitted seal on the lid of the container maintains both the temperature and the moisture inside the warmer. This prevents the wipes from shrinking and drying out. Remember, do not put water inside!

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UP to 150 pieces

The new Neno Calor tissue warmer holds up to 150 of wet wipes. Remember that the larger the pack of wipes, the time needed to heat them up is longer. Neno Calor can serve not only to increase comfort of your baby during diaper changes. Mom can also use the device. Neno Calor is an ideal heater for the sheet masks and make-up removal gloves – you just need to soak them before inserting

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Safety and hygiene at a touch! This is exactly what the Neno Calor heater offers. The touch panel enables easy control the temperature with a click. Under each icon indicating the heating mode, there is a small LED, thanks to which you can easily check the temperature of the wipes. All for your comfort – yours and your baby.

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To say that Neno Calor is quiet is like saying nothing. The Neno Calor warmer is noiseless! The only sound you will hear is a soft “beep” as you adjust the temperature, and the happy, carefree laugh of your baby, who will love the warm touch of a wet wipe on their skin.

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The Neno Calor wet wipes warmer has a compact and modern design. Its stability is ensured by non-slip feet with rubber tips that prevent the warmer from slipping. The heater does not slip off the countertop. You can place the warmer next to a changing mat without worrying about accidentally knocking it off while changing a nappy..

anti-slip Neno Calor
Weight 0,821 kg
Dimensions 12 × 26 × 17,5 cm
Heating levels:

level 1: 30-45 °C
level 2: 40-50 °C
level 3: 45-55 °C

Power supply:

AC 220V 20W

Cable length:

100 cm

Device dimensions:

25x16x11 cm

Device weight:

625 g

Box dimensions:

260x120x169 mm

Box weight:

800 g


Neno Calor – Wet wipe warmer