Neno Sano

Neno Sano

Compressor nebuliser, For children and adults, Two types of nebulisation, Medical device

Neno Sano

Long air line

Inhalation can be particularly difficult for children and the elderly. The Neno Sano is equipped with a long cable connecting the device to the medicine container. The size of the cable allows freedom of movement for the youngest family members who cannot sit still for more than a few minutes. It is also comfortable for older people. They can place the compressor nebuliser on a table and sit comfortably on a chair or sofa before inhaling.

Neno Sano

Two masks included

We know that respiratory illness is a common problem for the whole family, so we have fitted the pneumatic piston nebuliser with two masks. One for adults and one for children. This solution ensures that young and old have access to relief from the symptoms of infection at any time of the year.

Neno Sano

Two types of nebulisation

The Neno Sano allows users to perform personalised inhalation with high efficiency, just as a modern product should. The respirable fraction of the nebuliser is 76%, meaning that the device produces a large number of particles that reach deep into the respiratory system. You can use the included mouthpiece or mask to find the most suitable treatment for you.

Neno Sano

Large medication container

Sometimes inhalation is the only way to relieve chronic sinusitis or a very bad cold. During long nebulisation sessions, the large medication container comes in handy. Neno Sano converts its contents into 5-μm particles with high absorption.

Neno Sano

Medical device

Neno Sano is a pneumatic piston nebuliser that has been registered with the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products.

Neno Sano

Easy cleaning

We think you’ll love the Neno Sano for its functionality and… time-saving ease of cleaning. All you need to do after each use is wash, dry and store the individual nebuliser components in a safe place.

Neno Sano

Replaceable parts

Do you know what makes inhalation successful? Good hygiene! In each Neno Sano, we have included 2 filters responsible for capturing the impurities present in the air being sucked in. Replace them regularly, so you don’t have to worry about dust getting into your lungs.

Neno Sano

Simple operation

The great advantage of the compressor nebuliser is its simple and quick operation. A single button is responsible for starting it up, and the whole device is actually a few parts that you are able to assemble quickly. The result you get is that you start inhaling within minutes.

Neno Sano

Stable base

A stable position for the device is essential, especially for frequent use. The product has 5 non-slip feet to ensure proper adhesion to the surface.

Neno Sano

Modern and functional design

Small and light – two words that set the Neno Sano apart from other pneumatic piston nebulisers on the market. As well as being easy to carry or take with you on the go, it catches the eye because of its minimalist and modern design.

Neno Sano

Quiet device

The Neno Sano is an exceptionally quiet compressor nebuliser. Its low noise level means you can use it in public places without worrying about disturbing others.

Power supply:

AC 100V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz

Capacity of medication container:


Air tube length:


Number of masks:

1x for a child; 1x for an adult



Aerosol capacity:

≥ 0.20 ml/min

MMAD (average aerosol particle size):

approx. 5um

Working pressure range:

20kPa-80kPa (2.9psi-11.7psi)

Noise level:

≤ 52Db

Respirable fraction:

FR ≥76%

Spare air filter:

yes, 2 pcs

Treatment time:

25min, 40min break

Storage temperature:

-20 – 50°C

Storage atmospheric pressure:


Permissible humidity:

30 – 85% RH

Dead volume (residual):



2 years, door to door

EAN code:



Pneumatic, compressor nebulizer Neno Sano


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