Neno Perla Twin

Neno Perla Twin – three-phase, shell-shell double electronic breast pump

Woman sitting at computer expressing milk

Hands free breast pump line

The Freedom Series breast pumps are designed for women who value convenience and independence above all else. Lightweight and portable, they change the face of breast pumping by being hands-free. This allows any mother to use her hands for other activities while expressing breast milk for her baby.

Perla Twin holds in women's hands

Pearl in Neno’s crown

The elegant Perla is the first such breast pump in the Neno range. It combines an innovative hands-free formula with the functionality of a classic bottle pump. This brings a whole new dimension to everyday breastfeeding.

woman expressing milk with Neno Perla Twin and reading a book
hand with the Neno Perla Twin breast pump

Three modes of operation

You can use the breast pump in three modes. In each of them, you can adjust the suction power in a range of 9 levels.
• Stimulation phase
Fast, intense pulsation. Stimulates milk flow. The breast pump reproduces the baby’s natural sucking action.
• Deep extraction phase
Gentle pumping to express milk from the breast.
• Mixed phase
An innovative phase that has a direct effect on stimulating lactation and helps with complex breast emptying and lack of milk.

Neno Perla Twin breast pump stimulating lactation

Lactation supportę

Did you know that you should express breastmilk every few hours on average when you are lactating? With Perla at hand, you don’t have to constantly remember to do this. Just put the device in the cup of your bra and do something else. In the meantime, the breast pump will do its job!

Neno funnel

105° breast shield

Perfectly Shaped+ is a breast shield designed to optimise the pumping process. Its unique curved angle of 105° not only ensures a perfect fit to the shape of the breast, but also allows natural and free nipple movement. This improves milk flow and minimises the risk of milk stasis or clogged milk ducts.

Neno funnels and reducers

Select breast shield size

Included with the Neno Perla, you will receive a standard size 26 mm breast shield, as well as reducers to reduce the size to 19 mm and 22 mm. This solution means that you will adapt the device to your individual needs, ensuring your comfort.

Woman Holding Baby and Neno Perla Twin in the Background

Smart, safe design

The clever structure of the breast pump helps to keep the intake fresh. Why? Because the pumping process has been optimised so that the milk goes directly into the container. This eliminates the risk of potential contamination by harmful microorganisms, which is particularly important for the health of your baby.

closed system of the Neno Perla breast pump

Practical container

Don’t worry if you need to express your breastmilk but don’t have a bottle or pouch with you. The breast pump container with lid can also be used for storage.

container with milk cap

Simple function panel

The Neno Perla breast pump touchpad provides comfortable and intuitive operation. You can easily select modes and adjust the suction power, matching it perfectly to your current needs.

kobieta włączająca laktator na piers
woman holding bottle and expressing milk with breast pump

Go for the comfort

The Neno Perla fits into a bra cup. What’s more, it adapts to your bust while freeing your hands. It’s the perfect excuse to pursue your current desires without any restrictions.

woman eating an apple, putting on make-up and reading a newspaper and at the same time expressing milk with Neno Perla Twin

Phenomenal appearance

It stands out for its innovation and design, with a brocade finish and trendy beige colour.

elegant Neno Perla Twin

USB C cable

With the included cable with universal USB C input, you can easily charge the device. After two hours of charging, it provides approximately 4 full pumping sessions (30 minutes each).

charging the Neno Perli Twin via USB-C

Always at hand

A breast pump that fits in your handbag? The Neno Perla is it! Throw the device in your handbag and pump wherever you are.

woman packing Neno Perla Twin into handbag

Lightweight construction

The lightweight and ergonomic breast pump is the perfect companion for every mum. As it fits easily into backpacks and handbags, you can take it with you anywhere.

lightweight Neno Perla Twin construction

Comfortable use

After expressing the milk, you can easily store it in the fridge by securing the container with the lid. You can also pour it straight into a bottle!

Woman pouring milk into a bottle from a breast pump

Durable battery

The Neno Perla is equipped with a high-capacity battery, eliminating the need for frequent recharging. This is a great convenience for women with active lifestyles who want to pump regularly at the same time.

woman recommending Neno Perla Twin

Easy cleaning

Worried about how to clean the milk container? No problem! The included silicone brush with many nubs will help.

cleaning of Neno Perli Twin parts

Quick sterilisation

Maintaining good hygiene when expressing milk reduces the risk of your baby coming into contact with harmful organisms. Pay particular attention to frequent sterilisation of parts that come into direct contact with milk.

sterilization of Neno Perli Twin parts

Full discretion

Worried about the sound of your device bothering those around you? Not at all! The breast pump is so quiet that you can use it in any environment.

Woman reading a book, drinking tea and expressing milk with a shell breast pump
Neno Perla Twin - shell breast pump

Gift for the future mum

If you’re looking for a baby shower gift, look no further. The phenomenal hands-free breast pump makes a great gift for the mum-to-be.

Elegant woman holding Neno Perla Twin

Complete set of parts and accessories

The Neno Perla breast pump comes with a complete set of parts needed for its operation. This means the product is ready to use almost immediately!

set of parts for Neno Perla Twin
Woman Wearing Pearls Holding Neno Perla Twin Breast Pump

Stylish packaging

The exclusive packaging underlines the luxury and elegance of the breast pump. It looks as impressive as its contents with its beautiful finish and subtle details.

box for Neno Perla Twin

Neno Perla Twin

Work modes:

Stimulation phase L1-L9
Deep expression phase L1-L9
Mixed phase L1-L9

Capacity of milk container:




Charging time:

about 2 hours

Operating time:

up to 120 minutes


5V 1A

Charging cable:



2 x 13x11x6,5cm


2 x 277g

EAN code:


Package dimensions:

320x199x92 mm

Package weight:





2× Pumping station • 2× USB-C cable • 2× Silicone breast
shield 26 mm • 2× Breast shield reductor 22mm
& 19mm • 4× Membrane • 4× Valve • 2× Milk container
• 2× Milk container cap • 2× Breast pump connector
• Velvet pouch • Silicone brush • Manual


Neno Perla Twin: