Neno Mio2 crown feeding bottles

Neno Mio2 – cup with straw for children

neno Mio2 collection - water bottle
neno Mio2 collection - water bottle: brown and cream

Available in two colours

The Neno Mio 2 cup is available in two colours, so you can choose the one that best suits your taste.

two Neno sterilizers

Fits on Neno sterilisers

You can regularly sterilise all the parts that make up the cup using one of the Neno multifunctional devices. Choose the model that best suits your needs!

parts of the Neno Mio water bottle - brown, cream

Heat-resistant material

The Neno Mio 2 is made from PPSU, a material that can withstand high temperatures. This ensures that the cup does not distort during sterilisation.

Neno Mio2 box

The perfect baby shower or gender reveal gift.

a child reaching for the Neno Mio2 water bottle

Aim high

Neno Mio 2 is a unique product that babies and their parents will love. Thanks to the high quality of workmanship, you can use the cup at different stages of an infant’s development. The comfortable handles ensure that your child can always reach their favourite drink.

woman with a child playing with a water bottle

BPA free

The Neno Mio 2 cup is made from BPA-free material and contains no harmful chemicals. So you don’t have to worry about your child’s health when giving them a drink

hand putting a water bottle into the dishwasher

Quick wash

Washing the cup is very easy and convenient. All you have to do is unscrew it and put all the parts in the dishwasher.

girl drinking with Neno Mio2

Changeable parts

You can find additional straws and gaskets in the Neno online shop. Replacing these components regularly will keep your product in good condition for a long time.


cross-shaped nipple opening

Drinking in any position

The Neno Mio 2 comes with a special weighted silicone straw that allows your child to drink at different angles. So your baby can quench her thirst no matter how the bottle is held.


child putting a cover on a bottle

High quality straw

The included straw is made from soft and durable silicone. The flexible material will not deform or break during daily use.

woman expressing milk using Neno Perfetto

To serve water and tea

Designed to serve hot and cold drinks, the cup can be used both indoors and outdoors, such as on summer holidays and winter walks.

a girl sitting on her mother's belly and playing with Neno Mio2

High durability

PPSU is a material that is very resistant to mechanical damage. Thanks to this material, the cup is very durable and will not break even if the child accidentally knocks it against a table or the floor.

woman puts Neno Mio2 into the dishwasher

Walking companion

The Neno Mio 2 is small enough to fit easily into your handbag. In addition, the convenient locking closure ensures a very good tightness, protecting the contents of the bottle from leaking out.

a baby crawling on the floor and Neno Mio2 in the background

Modern design

The cup’s modern design makes it a perfect gift. It also grabs children’s attention and encourages them to drink regularly.

Neno Mio2 box

Cream, Brown





BPA-free material:


Dishwasher safe:


Damage resistance:



From 1 year

Cold and warm drinks:


Compatible with Neno devices:


EAN code:

5902479674421 Cream
5902479674452 Brown

PN code:

NEN-BAB-BT005 Cream
NEN-BAB-BT006 Brown

CN code:


Product weight:

137 g

Product dimensions:

7,4×13,3×17,4 cm

Box weight:

294 g

Box dimensions:

14,4×18,8×8,3 cm


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