Neno Luna and sterilization

Fast sterilization

With an intuitive Neno Luna sterilizer you can keep the bottles, teethers and spare breast pump parts hygienic and sterile in 10 minutes. It is a must have if you care about proper hygiene and protection against any microorganisms,viruses and bacteria. The device meets the needs of aware mums who care about safety, hygiene and sterility.

Neno Luna and sterilization

Useful food heater

The device heats food up to the 60°C. It is practical whenever you need to quickly feed your baby during nightly wakings. The protective cover guarantees quick and even heating. You are sure that the meal has an appropriate temperature. It is comfortable and time-saving. Let Neno Luna do this for you.

Neno Luna heats the food

Fast heating program

Every minute with your baby is precious. Heat your baby’s food in the express mode which works in an instant! The device heats breast milk in a safe way and preserves each of the valuable breast milk ingredients. Be smart with Neno Luna steriliser 6w1!

Neno Luna has a quick heating program

Maintaining the food temperature

Maintaining the temperature is an amazingly practical function for mums with little kids. It is a comfortable and time-saving. The food is constantly warm – perfect for your baby. You can set the temperature from 35 to 60°C. Such a wide range enables you to personalise
the settings according to your needs.

Neno Luna maintains a constant meal temperature

Step by step defrosting

The heater defrosts the food progressively and evenly keeping its valuable nutrients. With Neno Luna you can defrost the breast milk in Neno bags available at our online store. Forget about time consuming defrosting using old fashioned methods, do it in couple of minutes with Neno Luna.

Neno Luna gradually thaws

Compatible with bottles, jars and breast milk bags

The device is universal – you can heat and sterilise not only milk bottles, but also jars with food for your little baby. The diameter of the strainer is about 8 cm, so you can place here variety of milk bottle sizes and spare breast pump parts. Due to Neno Luna you can take care of the proper hygiene of accessories
for your baby in a convenient way.

Neno Luna is compatible

LCD touch screen

Handling of the device is pretty intuitive and easy thanks to the intelligent and smart LCD panel with touch functional buttons. The display has a button to set modes, worktime and temperature. Clear display 2.2″ makes the device easy to use even at night. It is intuitiveness in every detail.

Neno Luna and LCD touch screen

Compact size

The steriliser consists of only 3 elements. It is minimalistic and compact which in turn makes it easy to use and keep clean.

Neno Luna is a compact device

Classy design

Neno Luna represents a smart and esthetic minimalism. A clear LCD display and big functional buttons make the usage intuitive. It is stylish and elegant, so it will fit perfectly to every interior.

Neno Luna has a modern design

Heat the breast milk

No more time-consuming and tedious milk temperature measuring! Neno Luna is an intelligent device thanks to which you can heat the food for your baby quickly and efficiently. Choose “milk” mode and the Neno Luna will do the rest.

Neno Luna is heating the milk


The device incorporates up to 6 functions: defrosting, breast milk heating, sterilisation, fast heating, food heating and keeping the temperature. Thanks to Neno Luna you save not only time, but also place in your kitchen.

Neno Luna and space saving
Rated power:

AC 220-240V 400W

Recommended temperature and humidity in room:

15-30°C / 30-80%

Cable length:

100 cm

Heating mode:


Defrosting mode:


Food heating mode:


Sterilisation mode:







Neno Luna 6 in 1



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