Neno Libero - gorset laktacyjny

Neno Libero

pumping bustier – designed for electronic breast pumps

kobieta tuląca dziecko

Dear Mom!

Every single moment of relaxation or time you spend with your baby is worth its weight in gold. Thus, it is a waste of time to do activities in which you can be replaced by a device created especially for you. Neno’s mission is that in this most beautiful, but also most challenging time, every Mom can feel real support from our products. That’s why Neno brand electric breast pumps, aspirators, nebulisers, electronic nannies, thermal bowls, and toothbrushes help make daily life easier and more pleasant for both Parents and Babies.

Maja Hyźy robiąca selfie z Neno Libero i Neno Bianco

Hands free

With the Neno Libero lactation corset, I can do everything. While pumping bustier milk for my Zosia I can be in the kitchen cooking or working in front of the computer. Now, I regret that I didn’t have this product when I Tosia was born.

bawełniany z dodatkiem elastanu gorset dla kobiet karmiących

Soft elastic material

Neno Libero is your moment of relaxation! Wear a pumping bustier, pump hands-free and make your daily life more pleasant. Libero is made of as much as 93% soft-touch cotton and 7% elastane, so you can freely adjust the size.r

szelki Neno Libero

Rear panel adjustment

With the back panel adjustment, the pumping bustier will adjust under you. You can upsize and downsize it at will, as we’ve designed it to fit sizes XS to XL. Enjoy a relaxing moment and make pumping easier.

Neno Libero i laktator Neno Bianco

Insertion between funnels + 5cm

Libero s an incredibly comfy product that supports moms from the first moments with their babies. If your breasts are narrowly spaced, wear the Neno Libero without the insert, which can be unfastened with two zippers. After detaching them, you can reduce the gap between the funnels by 5 cm! Precision in adjusting the pumping bustier under your nipples makes the funnels stick closely to your nipples, so they don’t stand out and breast pumping is so easy.

Neno Libero i Maja Hyźy

Comfortable straps

With the pumping bustier, you will adjust the straps to your preferences so that they are as comfy as possible, regardless of your bust size. Libero’s straps are wider than standard, making it more comfortable to wear while pumping. With an adjustment range of up to 46 cm, you can adjust the size to fit your body. Adjust it under you and free up your free time.

kobiety z bobasami i w tle Nenp Libero

Wide range of bust size adjustment

The under-bust size adjustment allows you to fit the pumping bustier to your breasts. Thanks to the back velcro adjustment of up to 30 cm, you can adjust the Libero so that the funnels fit well, making the work of the breast pump more pleasant. XS-XL moms, Libero will adjust to you and highlight your beautiful shapes. Join #nenomoms today!!

Maja HYży odciągajaca pokarm i Neno Libero


Take this time – to relax, read a book or just keep an eye on what’s going on in the online world. And all of this is thanks to the Neno Libero, which makes pumping breast milk for your baby, no longer need the help of your hands. The breast pump’s funnels are supported thanks to a 4-layer system that prevents them from slipping out while it works and mom relaxes. #relaxwithneno

Maja Hyźy

Compatible with neno breast pumps

Neno Libero works with all the breast pumps in our line of products, so you get a full lactation kit from us in one place, designed to fit your needs. You don’t have to worry whether the corset will fit your Neno breast pump. You can use Libero with both double and single breast pumps. The pumping bustier should be well-fitted so that the funnels fit tightly on the body, especially with a breast pump with a built-in pump – in this case, you need to wear it tightly so that there is no gap between the funnel and the material.

pudełko Neno Libero
Weight 175 kg
Dimensions 18,8 × 12,8 × 3,5 cm



93% cotton, 7% elastane

Regulated velcro strap:


Back panel adjustment:

Yes, up to 30 cm

Comfortable shoulder straps:

Yes, length 46 cm, width 2.5 cm

Funnel spacing adjustment:

Yes, up to 5 cm

Second zipper:


4-layer support system:


EAN code:


PN code:


CN code:


Weight and box size:

175 g / 188,05 x 128 x 35 mm


Neno Libero:


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