a children's pacifier for feeding fruit

Neno Gusto – Fruit teat with spoon
– Fruit serving teat

a child eating a hickey using Neno Gusto


The Neno Gusto makes it easy to expand your baby’s diet through convenient feeding. Simply place fruit or steamed vegetables in the nipple and let your baby explore new flavours.

baby fed with Neno Gusto


Fruit mousses or thick soups are part of a baby’s diet. The spoon attachment included in the set allows the child to try them with the help of a parent or on their own.

Neno Gusto lying on the table and jam in the background

Measuring container

The elongated measuring cup into which the food is placed is made of flexible silicone. This allows the child to squeeze or crush the food themselves by kneading it with their fingers like a tube.

the child eats using Neno Gusto

Self-learning to eat

With Neno Gusto, you can expand your child’s diet at their own pace without worrying about them choking on a larger piece of food. In addition, your child’s ability to grasp and hold the product independently will help develop fine motor skills.

various sizes of Neno Gusto product pacifiers, a woman hugging a baby in the background

Safe materials

The product is made from bisphenol A (BPA)-free materials, so you can be sure that you are not exposing your little one to substances harmful to their health.

immersing Neno Gusto in water

Easy cleaning

The ability to thoroughly disassemble and clean components allows for cleanliness in daily use.

Neno Gusto hanging on a child's sweater

Hanging possibility

When your child is ready to hold the Neno Gusto in his or her hand, you can use the clip pendant. This handy accessory can be attached to clothing to prevent the teether from falling on the floor.

sunchokes with a Neno Gusto measuring cup

Measuring cup

The cap not only provides hygienic protection for the interchangeable tip. It can also be used to measure a specific amount of solid food or liquid.

a child eats fruit in a highchair using Neno Gusto

Ergonomic design

The shape and soft materials ensure that the food container fits perfectly in a child’s hand and is easy for an adult to grasp and hold, providing a comfortable and safe way to serve food.

Neno Gusto set

Convenience and portability

With Neno Gusto you can give your little one a healthy snack in any situation. The clever design means you can carry it comfortably in your backpack or handbag without worrying about the contents spilling out.

female hands plugging the Neno Gusto pacifier

Kit contents

The Neno Gusto kit includes:

– two attachments – a teat and a spoon
– silicone measuring cup
– spring clip pendant
– handle
– measuring cup

Neno Gusto box
Material of container, teat and spoon:


Material of handle, cup and lid:


Temperature range:



30 ml


147×82×49 mm


67 g

Box dimensions:

130×52×180 mm

Weight of the box:

137 g

EAN code:


CN code:

3924 10 00 90



Kit contents:

Silicone container, fruit serving teat,
spoon, measuring cup, handle,