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Save every drop of milk

If you’re a breastfeeding mom, you’ve probably experienced an uncontrollable flow of out of your breasts. Our convenient set of two Neno Claro milk collectors allows you to preserve every drop of your precious milk.

mom nursing baby and neno claro

Easy to use

Using the collector is extremely easy: just place it in your bra and the rest happens! This discreet and functional product will collect the milk in such a way that no one will notice.

bra and neno claro

Convenient capacity

Each collector holds up to 40 ml of food. So you don’t have to worry that milk will overflow from the collector and dirty your underwear.

neno uno and neno claro

Tailored to your needs

Each collector consists of three elements: a special cover to prevent the smutting of underwear, a silicone tag and a nipple shield that gently wraps around your breast. The material of the collector makes you forget you are wearing it.

Woman nursing a baby and Neno Claro

Practical case

The Neno Claro set comes with a convenient case that holds both milk collectors. Thanks to this, the product can also accompany you during your travels.

Neno Claro Case

Comfort of use

You can easily pour the collected milk into the bottle and give to your baby. A perfectly profiled cap with an opening allows you to pour the milk, so that you don’t waste a single precious drop.

Bottle with Neno Claro

Comfortable to wear

Due to its small size, Neno Claro placed under a bra, can accompany you at work, in household duties, or while taking care of a child. It is unnoticeable and, moreover, comfortable to use.

Woman wearing Neno Claro


The materials used to make the milk collector are not only delicate and soft to the touch, but also completely safe for your skin. The design of the Neno Claro collector makes it easy to wash and sterilize.

Neno Claro and water
Weight 0,036 kg
Dimensions 6,6 × 11,2 × 11 cm

PP, silicone




95×105×25 mm


36 g

Box Dimensions:

66×112×110 mm

Box Weight:

115 g


Neno Claro – 2 milk collectors for breastfeeding mum



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