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Dear Mom!

Every moment of rest or time spent with your child is worth its weight in gold. So don’t waste your time on activities in which you can be replaced by a device created especially for this purpose. Neno’s mission is to make sure that in this most beautiful, but also most difficult time, every Mum can feel real support in our products. That is why Neno electric breast pumps, aspirators, nebulizers, baby monitors, thermal cups and toothbrushes help make everyday life easier and more pleasant for both parents and their babies.

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Tryby pracy Neno Perfetto


Neno Perfetto single breast pump is IPX 6 waterproof, which means that even if the device gets wet, it still retains its properties. You can therefore successfully wash it under running water or even use it in the shower. This is especially valuable during breast pumping, when the water helps to relax and widen the flow in the milk ducts.

Waterproof Neno Perfetto

The complete package

In the set with Neno Perfetto breast pump you get scratch-resistant bottle with base, teat and plug, velvet storage bag, breast shields in two sizes: SLIM 21 mm and MEDIUM 24 mm, as well as two convenient breastmilk storage bags with connector, which you can also buy additionally in sets of 20 pieces. Thanks to this solution, you can express breast milk directly into the bag and easily freeze it.

Neno Perfetto, pouches and spare parts

Gentle breast shield

All Neno breast shields are made of high-quality, soft, Japanese silicone, which ensures the highest comfort of pumping. The set comes in two sizes – 21 mm and 24 mm, so you can match ideally the product to your breasts.

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Neno Perfetto

Premium bottle

The bottle, which is a part of the set, is completely safe for children and BPA-free. Moreover, it is characterized by high heat resistance and less susceptibility to mechanical damage and possible scratches.

Neno Perfetto

Cared for

Neno brand is most often recommended by moms, midwives and certified lactation consultants. You can be sure that these are the highest quality products, consistent with current medical knowledge.

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Accessories and spare parts

Neno brand has in its assortment a whole range of spare parts for breast pumps in the form of: valves, diaphragms and exchangeable breast shields. You will find all the replacement parts in a convenient Neno Spare kit. It is a guarantee of proper work of the breast pump, which will serve you for many years.

Neno Perfetto, pouches, spare parts and velvet pouch

Tailored to you

In each of the three phases: stimulation, active intake and mixed, the breast pump operates at up to 9 levels of adjustment. This guarantees effective and efficient milk extraction.

Neno Perfetto including the crown

Take it anywhere

Because of its compact size and low weight the Neno Perfetto breast pump fits easily into a woman’s purse. So you can always have it with you and pump whenever you feel the need. Quick and easy USB-C charging and a battery that lasts up to 4 full pumping cycles on a single charge give you the freedom and confidence that nothing will surprise you.

Neno Perfetto tote bag

Ideal for a babyshower with Neno

Neno Perfetto is a breast pump from the premium segment – the unique design enriched with gold elements, velvet case and beautiful box make it an ideal element of a layette. It is also a perfect bybyshower gift for a loved one. The rich assortment of the Neno brand makes it easy for you to gather all the products necessary for taking care of the newborn.

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Neno Perfetto

Elegant design

We took care not only of the functionality of Neno Perfetto breast pump, but also about its design. The product is modern and subtle in its color scheme, thanks to which it will surely meet the taste of the most demanding moms.

pregnant i Neno Perfetto

Easy sterilization

You can sterilize Neno Perfetto using traditional methods with boiling water or you can use professional products designed for disinfection (e.g. Neno Vita). It takes just 10 minutes to sterilize breast pump parts using our dedicated product!

Neno Vita i sterilization of parts

Media separation

Safety above all else – this idea has guided us in the development of our breast pumps. The diaphragm and valve, which are part of the set, effectively prevent milk from entering the pump of the device. The diaphragm forms a line between the pump and the bottle, while the valve prevents the milk from flowing back. This solution guarantees hygiene and prevents the multiplication of bacteria in undesirable places.

Neno Perfetto spread out

Just a touch

Thanks to the intuitive touch panel, operating Neno Perfetto is a pleasure. With just one touch, you can change the mode or power and adjust the device to your needs. The breast pump will remember the settings and the next time you use it, it will start according to your preferences.

A hand touching Neno Perfetto

AIR SUCTION Technology

AIR SUCTION technology, used in Neno funnels, is responsible for perfect imitation of natural sucking reflex of a baby. It also guarantees comfort and convenience for the nipple, more efficient milk extraction and protection against pressure on milk ducts. It also guarantees comfort for the nipple, more efficient pumping, and prevents milk ducts from being pressed.

Delicate funnel Neno Perfetto

Give your time

Neno Perfetto breast pump is equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery, which allows for up to 2 hours of operation of the breast pump, that gives 4 full cycles of milk removal lasting 30 minutes each. You can easily recharge the battery wherever you are. All you need is a simple USB-C cable.

Action Neno Perfetto
Neno Perfetto box
Neno midwife recommends
Weight 1,151 kg
Dimensions 25,5 × 24,5 × 10,0 cm
Operating Modes:

Stimulation mode: 9 levels (L1-L9)
Deep extraction mode: 9 levels (L1-L9)
Mixed mode: 9 levels (L1-L9)

Battery capacity and type:

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 3.7 V 1100 mAh

Charging time:

Approximately 2 hours

Operating time:

up to 120 minutes


5V 1A



Charging cable:

USB typ C


183 g

Kit Contents:

Pumping device, USB-C cable, milk bottle, 2x breast shield lid, breast shield 21 mm and 24 mm, bottle set with teat, 1x membrane, 1x bottle cap, 2x valve, user manual, 2x storage bag and 1x connector for breast pump, velvet pouch


Three-phase cordless waterproof electronic breast pump Neno Perfetto



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