Neno Medic T07 professional touchless thermometer

5 OPERATING MODES: ear, forehead, baby’s ear, child’s forehead, object. Easily readable display. Magnetic cap. Bag included.

Neno Medic T07 thermometer and baby

Automatically changing working modes

Neno Medic T07 thermometers have 2 modes for measuring body temperature. They change automatically, without your participation. All you need to do is remove the cap, and then the thermometer will switch to ear mode automatically. Depending on your needs, you can control the temperature by placing the thermometer on your ear or forehead.

Neno Medic T07 thermometer and baby

Professional measurement

Neno Medic T07 is a medical device that can be used in hospitals, medical facilities, as well as in kindergartens and nurseries. The device provides comprehensive temperature measurement ranges for the body – from 22 to 43°C. For correct temperature measurement with the thermometer, you need to hold it perpendicularly at a distance of 1–3 centimetres from the forehead.

Medical component

Easy-to-read display

Neno Medic T07 has a classy and modern, but most importantly, easy-to-read display that can be used even in the evening, middle of the night or early winter mornings. That way you don’t have to turn on the light in the room at dawn to take the temperature and check the measurement.

Clear display of the Neno Medic T07 thermometer

IR technology

Using infrared technology, the Neno Medic T07 provides professional temperature measurement at home, so the temperature measurement is completely contactless.

infrared technology and a child holding a teddy bear

Magnetic cap

You simply pull off the magnetic cap, and the thermometer will go into ear mode automatically. With this intuitive solution, you’ll get the best possible comfort. No longer will you need to have separate thermometers, but only one, the Neno Medic T07, which is 2in1 – “for the ear” and “for the forehead”.

Magnetic overlay in the thermometer

Measuring the temperature on the forehead

Is your baby asleep and you don’t want to wake him up? There’s nothing simpler than that. With our Neno Medic T07 thermometer you can measure your baby’s temperature contactless just by bringing the thermometer close to his/her forehead. Simple, isn’t it? Every mom is a superhero.

forehead temperature measurement

Ear temperature measurement

For in-ear measurement, simply pull off the magnetic cap, bend your child’s auricle back as instructed in the manual included in the box, insert the thermometer into the ear canal and press the device’s power-on button. Quick and safe, right?

Ear temperature measurement

Measurement overview

Neno Medic T07 thermometers let you review the measurements of your family members because they save in their memory the last 20 temperature measurements. You don’t have to note every time on disappearing pieces of paper the temperature, because by clicking the “Memory/Mode” button, you can check the last measurement directly on the thermometer.

overview of up to 20 measurements in the Neno Medic T07 thermometer

Ambient temperature measurement

By using the object measurement mode, which you activate by clicking on the “Mode”button, you can measure contactless not only the temperature of the chosen object, but also the temperature of the room. It’s pretty simple – turn on the object mode and
find out if the temperature is right for your baby..

Ambient temperature measurement

Measuring water temperature

How to measure the temperature of the bath water in object measurement mode? Well, it’s very simple – just set the object measurement mode on the thermometer, and then place the thermometer close to the water and read the temperature after a short while. This way the water for your
baby will no longer be too cold or too hot. It will be safe for your baby.

Water temperature measurement

Measure the food temperature

With object measurement mode, you will also check the exact temperature of your baby’s food. The house icon shows that this mode is on. Neno Medic T07 is a device that enables you to check the temperature of each selected item.

The Neno Medic T07 thermometer checks the temperature of the meal

Silent mode measurement

If your baby is asleep and you don’t want to wake him/her up when measuring the temperature, activate the silent mode. Just hold down the “Memory/Mute” button for about 5 seconds, which will quietly and gently check your baby’s temperature.

Neno Medic T07 thermometer and silent mode

Precise measurement

Besides the two automatically changing modes, by using the “Mode” button, you can also select a mode for a child under 12 and a mode for ages over 12, which will ensure precise measurement of your baby’s temperature..

Neno Medic T07 thermometer and precise measuremen

Elegant pouch included

With the thermometer you receive from us an elegant pouch, thanks to which you can safely store the product protected from damaging factors for the device, such as dust..

elegant bag included

Unique, aesthetic design

High aesthetics, high quality, whiteness, elegance and modernity are the hallmarks for which the Neno Medic T07 is so beloved by #nenomoms. This thermometer is also appreciated for its lightness, because it weighs only 72 grams.

Neno Medic T07 thermometer
Measurement range:

forehead 22~43°C (71.6~109.4°F)
ear 34~43°C (93.2~109.4°F)
object 0~100°C (32~212°F)

Measurement accuracy:

forehead ±0.2°C in ranges 36~39°C,
±0.3°C in ranges 22~36°C i 22~36°C;
ear ±0.2°C in ranges 36~39°C,
±0.3°C in ranges 34~36°C i 39~43°C;
subject/ room: ±1°C/±2°F


20 measurement

Automatic switch off:

after 10 seconds of inactivity

Units of measurement:

Degrees Celsius (°C) or deegres Fahrenheit (°F)


2×AAA, DC 3V (included)

Working temperature:


Storage temperature:



145.5×45.4×43.4 mm


72 g


Neno Medic T07 professional touchless thermometer



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