Neno Denti electronic toothbrush

Neno Denti


a child looking from behind the sofa and a Neno Denti electric toothbrush

The most beautiful smile

Neno Denti is a toothbrush designed for the delicate teeth of babies. Make sure that the smile of your child ts beautiful and healthy.

baby in the bath and waterproof Neno Denti

Suction cup

When you’re not brushing your child’s teeth, you can leave Neno Denti in a vertical position. A special suction cup keeps the toothbrush in place.

child in winter hat lying after bath and waterproof Neno Denti


You can also use the device to take care of children with no teeth. Neno Denti comes with a special brush head used to massage the gums of babies
that are over 3 months old.

Neno Denti toothbrush tips and rubber ducklings, comb, soap, shampoo

Teach your child healthy habits

Neno Denti is not just a toothbrush – it’s a whole mouth hygiene set. Keep your child healthy and teach them the habit of regular teeth brushing.

children brushing their teeth Neno Denti

Look at it glow!

The led light of the Neno Denti toothbrush lets you see inside Your baby’s mouth. Additionally, the light will surely interest your child and turn daily brushing into a brand new way to play
with your child.

Neno Denti toothbrush

Take it an a trip

Neno Denti is a small toothbrush powered by an AAA battery, which lets you easily take it with you when you travel with your child.

mom wiping her toddler after bathing with a towel

Unique shape

Neno Denti toothbrush is shaped like a penguin, which makes it attractive to children.

Neno waterproof toothbrush


Neno Denti has an IPX7 waterproof rating, making it resistant to water splashes. It can be cleaned under running water. This electric toothbrush is perfectly safe to use in a bathroom.

Neno waterproof toothbrush
Weight 0,075 kg
Dimensions 3,5 × 7,5 × 18 cm
Operating mode:

Delicate vibrations, 17000 per minute

Built-in timer:

2 minutes of brushing, pause every 30 seconds

Head types:

Brush, gum massage, tongue cleaning, cleaning gaps between teeth


Soft, nylon bristles


LED (for better view of gums and teeth)

Power supply:

1x AAA battery (not included)



Work time on one battery:

Up to 150 days


149x28x28 mm


28 g




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