Electric toothbrush for children
The Neno Denti toothbush was designed with delicate baby teeth in mind. Keep the smile of your child healthy.
Suction cup
When you’re not cleaning your baby’s teeth, you can leave Neno Denti standing upright. A special suction cup will keep the device in place.
For the youngest ones
You can also take care of children too young to have teeth. The toothbrush comes with a gum massage brush head, meant for children older than 3 months.
Healthy habits
Neno Denti is more than a toothbrush – it’s a whole oral hygiene set. Use it to teach your child to brush their teeth regularly.
Take it with you
Neno Denti is a small toothbrush powered with an AAA battery, so you can easily take it with you when you take your child on a vacation or on some other, long trip.
Unique shape
Neno Denti resembles a baby penguin, attracting the attention of small children.


Neno denti has an IPX7 waterproof rating, making it resistant to water splashes. It can be washed with running water. This electric toothbrush can be safely used in a bathroom.
Look at it glow!
The LED light built into the Neno Denti toothbrush lets you see inside your child’s mouth. Additionally, the light is sure to grab your baby’s attention and turn daily brushing into a fun game.

Additional dectription

The Neno Denti electric toothbrush for children will allow you to take care of your child’s healthy smile. Teach your child to take care of their teeth regularly starting from an early age. The health of the baby teeth should be treated as seriously as that of the permanent teeth. Children that are over 3 months old can have their teeth brushed. The Neno Denti set includes additional tips that can be used to massage your child’s tongue and gums. The rotating bristles of the electric toothbrush thoroughly clean baby teeth. The end of the device that you put in your baby’s mouth has additional LED lighting, thanks to which you can see exactly what you are doing with the brush. The Neno Denti electric toothbrush for children is powered with an AAA battery. Thanks to this solution, you can always easily take the toothbrush with you when you go on vacation with your child without having to worry about the charger. The Neno Denti children’s electric toothbrush has an IPX7 waterproof rating, so it can be safely used in the bathroom. The unique penguin-like shape will surely attract your child’s attention. The LED light is sure to turn the baby’s head as well, making the whole brushing experience much more fun. The electric toothbrush can be left in an upright position thanks to the special suction cup at the bottom of the device, which will keep it stable in a vertical position.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Work mode:

Delicate vibrations, 17000 per minute

Built-in timer:

2 minutes of brushing, pause every 30 seconds

Brush heads:

Brushing, gum massage, tongue cleaning, cleaning gaps between teeth


Soft, nylon


Additional LED light for better vision of gums and teeth


1x AAA battery (not included)



One battery work time:

Up to 150 days






24 months