jak dobrać rozmiar lejka laktatora neno

What is a breast shield?

The breast shield is a funnel-shaped piece made of delicate Japanese silicone that you attach to your breasts to stabilize the breast pump and allow you to express breast milk into the bottles. The vacuum created by the breast pump sucks in your nipple and stimulates it, just like your baby does when feeding.
The wrong selection of the breast shied can cause not only discomfort or inaccurate pumping, but even stop lactation! That is why the proper selection size of the breast shield is so important.

jak dobrać rozmiar lejka laktatora neno

Each breast is different. The breast shield needs to fit.

Just as we buy clothes in different sizes, it should be the same with breast shields. Every breast is different and therefore every nipple is different.
A child can press the nipple to its palate to adequately stimulate the flow of milk, but the breast shield cannot. Therefore, the breast pump must be selected in the following way: the vacuum generated by the breast pump does not rub the nipple, does not drag a fragment of the areola along with it, and does not cause discomfort when expressing the milk.

jak dobrać rozmiar lejka laktatora neno

How to measure the nipple?

It is best to measure the nipple after 32 weeks of pregnancy. After this period, the breast, or rather the nipple, no longer undergoes such dynamic changes as in the earlier stages of pregnancy. After 32 weeks of pregnancy, it is very likely to tell what size the nipple will take after giving birth.

How to measure a nipple? First of all, you need to remember what to measure. The nipple is the part that protrudes from the nipple. There is an areola around the nipple. We ONLY measure the diameter of the nipple itself – you can measure it with a ruler, tape measure, or caliper. To make it easier, we have created a template where you can cut holes and find out which size fits your breasts. Check what diameter of the breast shield will be right for you.

jak dobrać rozmiar lejka laktatora neno

How to choose breast shield size?

Every breast is different, so choose the suitable Neno breast shield. A correctly selected breast shield is crucial for good milk flowing and Mom’s comfort during pumping. Neno offers three sizes of funnels:
– SLIM 21 breast shield – nipple diameter 17/18 mm
– REGULAR 24 breast shield – nipple diameter 19/20/21 mm
– LARGE 27 breast shield – nipple diameter 22/23/24 mm

Neno breast shields prevent injuries of the nipples, fit to all models of Neno breast pumps, are BPA-free – safe for the health of mother and baby. The most frequently chosen breast shield is the size 24, which is the one that fits the nipples 19/20/21 mm.

jak dobrać rozmiar lejka laktatora neno

Do you know that:

– the size of the breasts, and hence the breast shield size, may change over the breastfeeding cycle
– the size of the nipple changes when you turn on the breast pump and create a vacuum in it
– pressing the breast pump too hard may block the milk ducts
– an unmatched size of the breast shield can hurt your nipples. The discomfort can lead to the loss of lactation.
To ensure the safety of the mums and their kids, Neno has interchangeable breast shields. If your nipples are on the verge of size, we recommend buying two sizes of breast shields. You can give yourself a calm head and the breast shield reserve in case your nipples change size during feeding.

When you should choose another breast shield size:

– the nipple rubs against the tunnel walls during pumping
– the nipple has a lot of space around it
– part of the areola is pulled into the funnel tunnel
– after the pumping cycle, you get the feeling that your milk has not been fully expressed

Breast shield size

21 mm, 24 mm, 27 mm

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