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giving a birth with neno

Dear Parents,

We have created a special place for you – Facebook support group for parents: “GIVING A BIRTH WITH NENO”.

In our group, we share experiences related to pregnancy and parenthood, but also answer your questions.
In our group, you will find a lot of substantive articles and useful tips.
We want to advise you. In addition to substantive support, you can receive periodic discount codes for our store.
We invite you to discuss in a spirit of mutual understanding.

chmurka rodzę z neno


Inspired by children, created for parents – this is the philosophy supported by neno products.

neno means child. Simply. Our products are dedicated to young parents to make their everyday life easier and allow them to enjoy every moment with their children. neno is a Polish brand that provides products that meet the expectations of modern mothers, products that are visually attractive, and at the same time practical and safe to use.

neno products are targeted at young parents of children aged 0-3 years and couples who are expecting a baby. Our mission is to make every parent feel real support in our products at this most beautiful, but also the most difficult time.

When you love, everyday life becomes an extraordinary experience.

We are parents ourselves and we know how to fight against colic, runny nose, fevers or feeding. Appropriate help is irreplaceable, and the real reward is the child’s smile. That is why our electric breast pumps, aspirators, nebulizers, electronic nannies, thermal cups and toothbrushes help to make everyday life easier and more pleasant for both parents and little ones.

A team of specialists, doctors, midwives, nurses, and lactation experts work on the neno brand. Our neno breast pumps are designed in a completely different way. For us, the most important thing is comfort, safety and the absence of pain associated with food intake. The most important thing is quality. Our products are light, stylish and elegant. This is one of the most important things at this special time for you.

what is a breast pump?

The breast pump is a device that does not need to be presented to young mothers or women who are expecting a baby. Many women say that they cannot imagine everyday life without it, many young mothers have helped regulate lactation, and it has made it easier for everyone to return to activity – be it professional or social. The breast pump allows you to express the milk and give it when you are not with your baby. Considering that a baby should eat 8-12 times a day, the help of a breast pump becomes a necessity. You often ask us which breast pump to choose and how they differ from each other. We have prepared a short list of neno electronic breast pumps. Use it and find the one that meets your expectations.

why is an electronic breast pump better than a manual one?

An electronic breast pump is a device that is used to express milk from the breast AFTER the baby is born and in all stages of lactation. The breast pump creates a vacuum so that when it is applied to the breast, the milk flows into it without your help. Each neno breast pump comes with special funnels that adapt to the shape and size of the breast, and are very delicate and do not irritate the skin. Manual breast pumps are already among the products that have passed their heyday. Although cheaper than electronic models, they were both time-consuming and required quite a lot of physical fitness. They created a negative pressure by manual pumping with the hand. Manual breast pumps are used for occasional pumping, so if you plan to do it regularly – an electronic breast pump is the only right choice. Since the introduction of neno breast pumps on the market, the price attractiveness of manual breast pumps has almost dropped to zero. neno breast pumps are electronic and affordable. Check and see for yourself.

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