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Night mode

The night mode provides peaceful sleep for the child and the parents. You can easily keep an eye on your child, even in the complete darkness. The baby monitor Neno Gato2 automatically turns on infrared LEDs when the light goes out, so the footage is always readable. The IR illumination is invisible to the human eye, so it would not wake your baby up from sleep.

sleeping boy with neno gato2

Two-way communication

The Gato2 Baby Monitor provides you with information on what is happening in the children’s room when you are busy with other duties. Just turn on voice communication to hear sounds from the baby’s room, even when the door is closed. This function can be used even when your baby grows up to communicate with each other.

two-way communication with neno gato2

Live view

Thanks to the easy-to-read display Neno Gato2 wireless baby monitor, enables constant observation of your baby.

Neno Gato2 in the hands of a woman

Constant care

Neno Gato2’s receiver has a built-in rechargeable battery. You can take it with you without fear of missing its power. You can charge it using the attached tool power supply kit.

Gato2 and mother holding baby in her arms

Big display

The portable receiver has a 2-inch screen where you can easily observe if the baby is sleeping in the correct position or the face is not is covered with a quilt, or the baby just has woken up.

large display neno gato 2

Portable receiver

The electronic baby monitor Neno Gato2 is composed of the transmitter with the camera that you are setting in the child’s room and a lightweight portable receiver that you can always have with you. Connectivity is based on radio waves – safe for you and your baby.

Neno gato and breakfast preparation

A wide range of work

You can drink coffee, rest, and go to the bathroom or the garden. The wireless and long-range operation of the Neno Gato2 baby monitor is guaranteed up to 260 meters outdoors! You can take care of your baby without giving up pleasures and daily rituals.

Neno Gato 2 in various locations

Built-in lullabies

The baby monitor also allows you to play lullabies for your baby. The device has eight built-in melodies that will help your baby fall asleep peacefully.

Playing lullabies

Standby mode vox

Our electronic Neno Gato2 operates in Vox standby mode. This ecological sleep mode allows you to save the battery. The camera will automatically wake up when it registers noise in the child’s room.

dad taking care of the baby

Temperature sensor

Parents are not able to watch over their babies 24 hours per day. That’s why baby monitors exist. Neno Gato2 also allows you for temperature monitoring – you can easily check if your baby is not too hot or too cold.

measuring temperature with neno gato 2

Elderly care

Your baby has already grown up but the baby monitor does not have to be put aside. Neno Gato 2 is a great way to monitor the elderly or sick. Two-way communication, measurement of temperature – this is also useful for seniors.

neno Gato 2 and grandmother
Weight 0,492 kg
Dimensions 15 × 18,5 × 7 cm

2 inches

Power supply:

DC 5V 1A

Signal range:

up to 260 m (outside), up to 50 m (inside)

Camera viewing angle:

70 °

Built-in rechargeable battery:

(receiver) 750 mAh

Frequency range:

2400-2483.5 MHz 17dBm

Night mode:

up to 5 m

Working temperature:

–10 – 50 ° C


(receiver) 62x126x24 mm, (camera) 62x110x60 mm


94 g receiver, 67 g camera

EAN code:


CN code:


Box dimensions:

142x174x67 mm




Wireless baby monitor Neno Gato 2