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Silicone cleaning brush.

Neno Lavar

Modern design

Do you associate a bottle brush with an unattractive and dusty accessory? Meet the Neno Lavar electric brush, whose sleek white body complements the design of a minimalist kitchen or bathroom.

Neno Lavar

2 tips

Washing bottles, thermoses and teats is a time-consuming activity that takes you away from more important things. To solve this problem, we’ve equipped the Neno Lavar with rotating silicone tips with nubs. Each helps to clean both large and small items quickly and thoroughly, reducing the time you spend at the sink.

Neno Lavar

Hygiene first

Bacteria are the worst enemy of parents and babies. We’ve known this for a long time, which is why we’ve designed the Neno Lavar to minimise the risk of harmful germs building up on the surface. The instant washability of the silicone parts means the brush can be used hygienically every day.

Neno Lavar

Precision cleaning

Food leftovers are a source of bacterial growth that can enter your baby’s digestive system. You can get rid of them with the specially shaped tip, which fits perfectly into the shape of the bottle nipple. The silicone nubs reach into inaccessible areas and remove residue precisely. You can be sure that the teat is perfectly clean and ready to use again.

Neno Lavar


We believe that modernity should go hand in hand with safety. We have ensured that the Neno Lavar has a high degree of water resistance (IPX6) so that you can use it without fear of the motor being damaged by contact with water.

Neno Lavar

Sturdy handle

When the house is a battlefield, it is good to have the necessary accessories at hand. The brush comes with a small handle that allows you to keep the product in one place. The handle also holds the Neno Lavar in a position that allows residual water to drain freely.

Neno Lavar

Easy to use

Neno Lavar is different from traditional brushes, but it is just as easy to use. The brush is activated by pressing and holding the button at the bottom of the handle. The inside of the bottle is cleaned by the rotating tip, which you can navigate with the handle.

Neno Lavar

Complete set

What if you don’t have a cable with the right input? At Neno, we make sure that each product is fully equipped, so you don’t have to buy extra items for your device. The Neno Lavar comes with: two silicone tips, a brush base, a tip for cleaning small parts and a USB C cable.

Neno Lavar

Operating time up to 2h

There is no denying that wireless devices can run out of power at wrong times. With your comfort in mind, we’ve designed the Neno Lavar with a powerful battery that lasts up to 2 hours. This means you can use it several times before you need to recharge it.

Neno Lavar

Fast and practical

Time is about relaxing or spending precious moments with your family. With the help of Neno Lavar, you can save it by significantly increasing the speed of washing.


3.7 V 1200 mAh Li-ion

Charging time:

up to 2 hours

Working hours:

approximately 2 hours

Charging socket:

USB type C




The Neno Lavar silicone cleaning brush