Neno Berkano slider

Large 3.2 display

Neno Berkano baby monitor’s receiver is equipped with a clear display with a diagonal 3.2 inches, so you will not miss anything.

Neno Berkano in her hands

Stand by mode vox

Press the MENU button to enter VOX mode. In this mode, the screen automatically turns off to save power. The monitor reactivates automatically when noise is detected in the child’s room.

Dad watching over his kid with help Neno Berkano

Two-way communication

The Nanny has a two-way communication system, so you can not only hear the noises from your baby’s room, but you can also talk to your baby in another room.

Mom watching over her kid with help Neno Berkano

Movable head

Meet Neno Berkano electronic nanny with a moving head that allows you to observe your baby 300 degrees horizontally and 50 degrees vertically. You can control the camera head yourself from the receiver. With just a few clicks you can change the position of the camera lens.

Boy and Neno Berkano

Measuring the temperature

The Neno Berkano video nanny receiver has a temperature sensor so you can monitor your little one’s thermal comfort.

A little boy looking out the window and neno berkano

Built-in lullabies

The nanny video also allows you to play lullabies to the baby. The device has up to 8 built-in melodies that will help your baby fall asleep peacefully.

a baby listening to lullabies

Large operating range

The range of the video nanny signal is up to 50 meters indoors and up to 260 meters outdoors. All for the greater comfort and safety of your baby.

A pregnant woman and neno berkano

Night mode

The Neno Berkano Video Nanny allows you to observe your sleeping baby in total darkness. All thanks to built-in IR diodes.

a sleepy woman and neno berkano

Alarm function

The Neno Berkano has a built-in alarm function. You can set the time when the receiver will wake you up to check if your baby is still sleeping.

The parents with the baby

Constant monitoring

Neno Berkano video nanny is not only an electric nanny. The device can be also used for monitoring the elderly people, but also to observe the interior of apartments.

Sleeping Grandma

Realiable assembly

We have taken care not only for the functionality of the baby monitor, but also for the convenience of use. A special mounting system, located underneath the device, allows you to attach the nanny to the wall. So you can watch your baby from any angle – depending on how you decide to mount the device.

Realiable assembly Neno Berkano
Weight 0,676 kg
Dimensions 19,3 × 15 × 8 cm


Night Mode:

up to 5 m

Operating range:


Operating range:

up to 260 m outdoors
up to 50 m indoors

Vertical camera viewing angle:

up 30°, down 20°

Horizontal Camera Viewing Angle:

left 150°, right 150°

Built-in battery (receiver):

Li-Poly 1150 mAh

Frequency range:

2400~2483.5 MHz 17 dBm

Two-way communication:


Temperature monitoring:


Built-in lullabies:

Yes, 8

Alarm function:


Power supply:

DC 5V/1 A

Operating temperature:

-10°C ~ 50°C


receiver 124×72×17 mm
camera 116×72×66 mm


receiver 123 g, camera 179 g


Neno Berkano – wireless, rotating baby monitor


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